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TAS Tasmania fails to get it right on speed limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stefank, Jan 27, 2015.

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    These speed differential rules are one of my pet hates. Differences in speed place the motorcyclist at risk. It is one of those ill thought out schemes without any hard evidence to say it improves the safety of the novice rider at all.
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  2. Lucky it's Tasmania and you can do whatever speed you like .
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  3. It is a step in the right direction, and they deserve some positive feedback for it. Once they've established the absence of apocalyptic destruction, and are confident of general public support, they may take it a little further.
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  4. they have two L and two P licences?? and 2 driving tests?
    weird system...
  5. It is Tasmania

  6. I sort of agree, but if the number of motorcycle accidents increase then it will inevitably lead to a crackdown on motorcyclists, not a liberating.
  7. Confused: They appear to be worried about speed being an issue - yet they are happy for L and P platers to do 100kph in a 110kph. So why not 100 in a 100kph zone as well. (After all, their doing that speed elsewhere anyway).

    I'm convinced that speed differential is a far greater risk factor on our roads than 5kph or 10kph difference from the limit.

    Hopefully this is just an interrum step to moving towards no differential speed at all, but they feel they can't jump 20kph in one go without some naieve public outcry.
  8. Nope, one for each head.

    But seriously, could this be seen as an enticement away from motorcycles and into cages?
  9. Tasmania......traffic flow.......


    Didn't know you could have traffic when 12 people were involved.
  10. There are times (in some places) when it can be a problem here in Hobart, but nothing like Melbourne or (shudder) Sydney.
  11. Yes. One driving test for each head