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Tasmania...Best Roads in the Country

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by goof, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. After having ridden bikes extensively throughout this big brown land of ours, I can say unreservedly that Tasmania has the best roads for riding motorbikes on in the country.

  2. +1 to that, from my limited experience. Tassie ROOOOLZ.
  3. +1 to that as well. Whoever was designing roads down there obviously liked corners that flowed :)
  4. and most of the fun roads were done by the hydro with reducing curves, french curves and lots of hills... so so fun...

    which reminds me I have to pick a route for the next ride day.
  5. Lucky I moved here then..! :)
  6. Yeah, when I next pick a root I'll make sure she has French curves too!
  7. No contest,wins hands down,1st time you ride it you find yourself saying why the hell havent I ridden this 10 years ago,like Vic,s Great Ocean road,and Great Alpine road made love and had a baby,only greater,and on steroids.
  8. No they aren't. They are crap. Don't bother coming down here to ride them, you'll only be disappointed. Trust me. :grin:

    (Shhhhhh... we don't want them all coming here crowding our vacant twisty roads. Its bad enough that cars use them).
  9. Dont worry techno its to cold down there so you will only see them in summer. I cant wait till christmas time as I will be coming home for a couple of weeks and I will be bringing my bike wooohooo. So I reckon the family gets a couple of days then its up the east coast via buckland and orford up to lake leake then the passes then along the top and down the west. Reckon I will do a couple of runs on lake leake hwy if its in as good a nick when I was there 2 years ago. So yep I agree best roads in the country just a pity there is f-all work, otherwise I would never have left :wink:
  10. Let's just hope they don't scuttle the Spirit of Tasmania (along with the Sydney-Devonport run), like they were talking about this week :cry:
    (Fortunately, it doesn't seem likely any time soon according to the Tassie premier :) )
  11. Never happen mate they are probably just chasing more funds through the national hwy federal fund or whatever it is :wink:
  12. :wink: AAAAhhhh! yeah... their crap.... really bad... umn gravel everywhere... no views, or winding alpine stretches of gods own heavenly tarmac.... :p

    edit: damn. no good at lying...
  13. Great roads, just have to watch Targa Tasmania to see that.
    Just a shame the weather is crap for most of the year.
  14. Melbourne has a bigger annual rain fall than Hobart its just colder over there :wink:
  15. Mate, that's the same reason why I moved back to Vic 2 years ago, such a shame, such great roads...evens the slippery west coast :LOL:
  16. i cant wait to do a ride in tassie, i've only been there once for about 4 days and i was in a car, such a beautiful place. My better half and I are planning a 2 wheeled trip later this year hopefully... cant wait!