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Tasmania becomes a motorcycle safety haven with a $15 tax

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by helina handbasket, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Lucky State

    Well at least it's not $50

  2. And it's only on the licence. Here, the charge is on each bike that you own.
  3. you guys pay extra to own motorbikes apart from rego etc?
  4. In Vic we have a $50 Motorcycle Tax , paid per bike, so the govt can fix things it's supposed to out of it's normal road funding
  5. I am not so sure that it is used to "fix things" but maybe as a way of recouping funds that are used to "fix" riders. A lot of funding from the TAC is spent to pay for medical expenses. I know, as a bit has been spent on me over the last 3 or so months.
  6. That's news to me, and I live in Tas.

    But then again, I don't read the papers, the journalism is of such a low standard I just can't stand it anymore.

    I shall be making a few enquiries tomorrow. If true, I'll be shouting very loudly that this "tax" is in fact discriminatory, as the tax isn't applied equally to any other road user, no other road user is subject to two compulsory, at own expense, practical courses to become an unrestricted road user.

    Smells a lot like a seat bound beaurocrat twisting some dodgey selective statistic grooming into a half @rsed bit of revenue. :x :x :x :x :x

    Brian Green is an absolute flog, he's botched every portfolio he's had, they're all absolute flogs in this gov't, and sadly the opposition is worse, next in line is the greens....Tassies Farked :(

    If the gov't used their brains, they'd realise they have a potential goldmine in motorcycle tourism just begging for exploitation.

    Jeeez... I'm mad.... I'm Pissed OFF!!!! I'm gunna do someone for this!!!!!!
    I pity the first tintop that cuts me off tomorrow :evil:

  7. ...and on the bright side: LAM's.

    That makes another 250-free learners-state.
    Vic starts to become encroached by LAM-states with NSW/ACT/now TAS.

    Bring the LAMs into Vic and put the wooden stake through Sumoto and Co, yeeho :shock: :D
  8. At the risk of taking this thread slightly OT...

    G'day Col, how's everything going?
  9. LAMS Has been put to the minister, hopefully he'll back it
  10. Not until mid-Feb next year, thanks.

    I'll have an Across to sell, and I'd appreciate not blowing too much dough!
  11. LAMS at least was part of the motorcycle safety plan put forward years ago, but never fully followed thru with. Only downside is that my toofiddy is now worth SFA to sell, but that's a selfish biatch I'll cop.

    Only thing that really got put in place was the compulsory courses, that I thoroughly agree with.

    They also suggested a 0% BAC for motorcyclists (why just us???) and other wonderfully discriminatory things.

    The total removal of cheese cutters, slippery plastic road marking was also recommended, but so far ignored.

    Add to this the reduction of all speed limits by 10 kph, and abolishing the 110 kph on the two roads that currently have it. That means 90 kph max speed limit over the whole state, then 70, 50 in suburbia, and 40 where currently 50 in residential areas. Then add more proposed speed camera's to raise more revenue from the lowered limits, and more interest in tollways, to avoid spending on the shythouse roads here.

    Sigh.. just belatedly following along after the VIC/NSW model.. I mean it's been so successful hasn't it

  12. Not bad. Have three sessions of physio and phys ed per week and one of occupational therapy and hydro therapy. The leg is getting better and am able to put about 50% of my weight on it (which is about 35kg's after losing 20kg's whilst in Royal Melbourne)..gotta go back to RMH in a few weeks and get a screw taken out of my ankle...
  13. Good news Brokey :applause: :applause: :applause:

    With all that supervised exercise you'll be a real "stud", Mrs Brokey might get worried :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  14. Tell em to get stuffed on both counts please. It's like banning umbrellas to try and stop rain, totally futile and a PITA.

    As for the $15, heaps better than the $50 in VIC, by the sounds of it it could be a bit more above board in terms of the funded programs (or maybe they'll just mail you peices of sandpaper aswell).
  15. I pay $50 extra every year and im still waiting for some sand paper . At least you got something for your $50 :p :wink:
  16. Yep... $15 is better than $50 per bike, but still discriminatory, and probably the thin end of the wedge.

    I'll be checking up on all the facts etc starting tomorrow, then checking the sources of the "facts" they're using to justify this (and other supposed safety measures) in an attempt to disprove using the same data.

    Then it'll be as public a villification of the "Hon Brian Green" and associates that I can muster. I've had a coupla letters re: road safety published in the mockery.. err misery, um Oh yeah, the Mercury. Got good feedback on them as well, must find a way of making the next step.

    Biggest problem is getting all the disparate motorcycle interest groups talking with one aim, I reckon Lawrence of Arabia would have found uniting all Arab tribes less of a challenge :?

  17. The impression I get is one of three things has happened:

    Someone has a less than sympathetic view motorcycles, has decided that they are inherently unsafe, those who ride them insane, and the medical bills must be paid for by the loons.

    Or, someone has recognised that motorcycle accidents are dispropotionate to other road accidents, and thinks a good way to balance things out would be a levy. This is outrageous, as there are hundreds of activities that see people hospitalized that have no such levy.

    Or, someone has recognised that motorcycle accidents are dispropotionate to other road accidents, and that safety campaigns need to be launched to curb the trend. This is a better motive, but still somewhat misguided.

    I think the levies are flawed in any case. Elderly people are more likely to go to hospital as well, but they are not charged levies... anyway, same debate, different state.

    Who knows, they could start at $15 and end up at $50 in a few years...
  18. Good news Col :) Hope to see you along to coffee once again in a couple of months.
  19. Seems they are. Your Tas Motorcycle Council supports it ...
  20. Good to hear Col,

    I know what its like learning to get vertical again. Always a good feeling when you get there.