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Tasmania Adventure - assistance please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Hello all.

    I am in the process of planning a Tassie adventure in early 2010 - Australia Day long weekend - falls on Tuesday 26th January. The plan is to leave on thursday evening and spend Friday and Saturday Nights in Tassie and then on the boat home Sunday evening......

    So, my questions are simple - how much for the boat ride there and back and is there anything I need to pre-plan regarding the boat ride?

    I would imagine people can either share a 4 birth cabin or possibly sleep in the chairs..... So, any feedback and pricing you have been able to negotiate would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Im not sure on boat pricing as it depends on what time of year.

    Those guys are good at strapping the bikes down so you wont need to stress about that. Take a piece of towel or similar to sit across your seat when they strap it down, just for piece of mind for than anything...

    As you're riding, i'd suggest not sleeping in the chairs, as you will feel it the next day!
  3. Tips,

    Pack a bit of cloth to protect your seat for when they strap it down on the boat.

    - Check the ferry schedule, there may not be a night crossing on a Sunday, it might be day only. As it is peak period it gets a bit funny.

    - Prices vary, cruise seat $99 (gets memories of sore joints) one way on special and I think a bike cost ~$65 each way. Cabins are cheaper if shared, just check their horrible web site.

    - Pack your own pillow & snacks, book etc.

    Hope this helps. I had a ball when I went, bought a newer bike in the morning and hit the ferry the later that day.
  4. You are not going to see much of tassie in 3 days. Basically you will be riding from Devonport to Hobart and back and that's it.
  5. The Midland Highway is the only boring road in all of Tassie! Avoid it at all costs. In fact, there is no pressing need to go to Hobart at all. In three days I would do either the east coast or the west coast, but not both unless you're a true maniac.

    I can't recommend the seat option on the boat. You won't get any sleep - it's uncomfortable and people talk loudly and bang doors all night long. Hang the expense and get a bunk. Share with strangers if you have to.
    Def take a towel or something to protect your seat. Book now if you can.
  6. I can't imagine why. The last two times I've been they certainly haven't had anything at all across my seat. They have had two straps in total, and they are around either side of your handle bars. You leave the bike in gear.

    Anyways... Mitch don't go the cheap route and get the "ocean view recliners" as you'll get little sleep, and feel like crap for the weekend. Spring for a cabin - they're worth it.

    Prices are all on the website, looks like you'll be sneaking into off-peak prices. You can also get ship saver fares which save you even more - there are a certain number available per sailing, and the only condition is they are non-refundable - however if you can't go for whatever reason, they allow you to bank the amount you've spent and it can go towards your next fare.

    I would recommend you take a few more days off and squeeze in a bit longer for your trip. I've spent two weeks and then one week over there on the bike - I could easily spend 3 or 4 weeks in one go, it's that much fun. :grin:
  7. Thanks all.

    Terrific feedback - 2 nights is more than enough - that is three days. I have ridden Tassie before on the motard and 3 days was MORE than enough.
  8. http://www.tmt.net.au/
    Just found this on another site. Basically drop your bike off, jump on a plane and the next day collect your bike inTassie.

    Instead of spending the night rolling around Bass Strait, you can spend the night rolling around in a comfy pub! :LOL:
  9. Just off of the phone.....

    The entire package per person for 8 people and 2 cabins leaving 21st January and returning 24th january - $526/person.

    It might go as low as $460/person but i wont know until this time next week.

    So, $500/person not including anything else..... Hmmmmmmmmmm....
    - Accommodation $50/person
    - Fuel $50/day - $150
    - Meals $35/day - $105
    - Booze - $50/night - $100
    - Misc - $25
    Total - $430

    TOTAL for the trip - $900 to $1000 for the trip.
  10. No way - me and some friends did this in a 3 day, Thurs night - Sunday night trip - was a fricken hoot!

    - Zeehan -> Strahan (huge fast sweepers...caution, loss-of-license road!)
    - Queenstown -> Derwent Bridge (OMFG, what roads!)
    - Chain of Lagoons -> St Mary's and back to coast (awesome!)

    Bastard. I'm so jealous. There's so much more I've heard of that we missed - I wanna go back.
  11. Yeah I've done that in 7 days and still reccon it was rushed. 3 days all you would be seeing is the road. That doesn't float my boat.

  12. I have not invited you yet :eek: :LOL: :cool: :)

    Look at it this way - as a soft plan.
    Friday - 22nd January to Hobart via the following as an example:
    - Launceston - Scottsdale - St Helens
    - Esk hwy to St Helens and then down the other side of Esk Hwy back to Tasman Hwy
    - Bicheno
    - Down Tasman Hwy to Lake Leake Rd to
    - Campbell Town down Midland Hwy to
    - OatLands - down Midland Hwy to
    - Mud Walls Rd to
    - Richmond and down Richmond Rd to
    - Cambridge and Hobart
  13. your budget sounds about right.....Scumbag & I always budget $100 per day each for fuel & food. Somedays you are over & somedays under, but over 3 days....it shouldnt be a problem

    enjoy !!!
  14. Hellow Mr Scumbag, you you and Mr Scumbag please advise which roads you would take over the three days considering we want to spend Friday night in Hobart and Saturday night in Strahan.

    Thanks :)
  15. Bloody hell you plan in advance!

  16. I know I know..... Well, look at it this way, if I get the interested parties organised and planned over the next 2 months - we get into May/June. We book in say June with 8 people confirmed (maybe 12 if the interest is there), this way we are all paid up and can then start looking into booking accommodation.

    Most importantly, start saving say $20/week and put it into a Tassie Account..... 40 weeks, $800... trip almost paid for ;)
  17. OOOOOOHHHHH where to start !!

    ok - firstly this thread really should be in Roads, Touring & Ride Diary's but what the hell.

    your first day route looks the goods so I wouldnt mess with that.

    I have had to use route names as this is the way Scumbag plots his trips. I have added towns to help you orientate yourself on google maps a bit easier. :grin:

    Hobart to Strahan
    B36 out to Glenorchy & then cross the river on the B35
    turn left & follow the river up to New Norfolk on the B32/B10
    from New Norfolk follow the A10 to Hamilton & on to Queenstown.
    from Queenstown keep following the A10 until you get to the B24. Turn up the B24, this is the ledgendary Lake Plimsol rd :twisted: :twisted:
    After negotiating that, once you hit the A10 again, turn left & head back down to Rosebery & keep following it through until you get to the B24 turn off to Strahan.

    Strahan to Launceston
    follow the B37 to Zeehan & then take the C249/C250 (Reece Dam Rd :twisted:) around to meet the Murchison Hwy (A10)
    follow the A10 up to the junction of the C132 (rd to Cradle Mountain) & turn onto the C132.
    Follow this until you get to Moina. Turn onto the C136.
    follow the C136 until just past Cethana & then turn onto the C138
    follow the C138 until it joins onto the B12 & head down this road until you get to Ugbrook. Turn onto the C137 at Ugbrook & then head to Paradise & the C136 junction. This gets you into Sheffield. From here follow the B14 to Railton & then either take the road directly to Devonport B19 or if you have time, head out to Anvers on the main Hwy outside of Latrobe. They close at 6pm & have the best hot chocolate in the world.

    note of caution on the Strahan to Launceston route....fuel stops are limited. Depending upon your range & consumption you may want to top up at either Tullah or Wilmot (the 14km divert to wilmot is worth it, I had so much fun on this bit I humped Scumbags leg in the main street when I got off the bike) :LOL:
  18. I'd suggest giving the south-east a miss. With the exception of the road out to Lake Leake (which was ~70km of perfrection) it was a waste of a day and a half.

    That's a funny site...
    Any idea how much they charge for the Melbourne to Tassie service?
  19. Tassie tour

    To supplement the advice on routes you have received in the thread I recommend you invest in Peter Thoeming's "Australia Motorcycle Atlas" if you haven't done so already. It covers 100 top rides, all researched, on a state by state basis. Tassie is well represented. A description of the ride is given including road surface, places to stop/eat/sleep etc etc. There is also a map section with the recommended rides highlighted in yellow. The atlas is A5 format and spiral bound so that it fits in the majority of tank bag map pockets.
    It's published by Hema and I think you can get it from RACV outlets. Oh, and one last thing - no I don't get a commission :LOL:
  20. Speaking as a tawegian (scar viewing by special appointment) I can tell you this simply isnt the case

    theres the the road through geeveston out to the tahune forest walk, the toad kingston, snug and back to huonville is a beaut (can be a bit touristy though)
    Both of these made it to the bears excellent road touring atlas.

    then theres the nicholls rivulet road (c325) which is about the local equivelant of the black spur, the loop around the tasman peninsula. Risdonvale to richmond is popular too (regularly patrolled these days)

    all of which didnt make it into the atlas.

    the only piece of boring rod in tassie is the midland highway.