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Tasmainia Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. planning on riding around Tassie, so what are the essential things we should check out? we planning on around 7-8 days really, but its flexible either way.

    anything things to watch out for? to avoid? how much you think it will cost in fuel/lodging/food?

    anyone done it before? how was it? worth it? ect? was it a easy/medium/hard trip?

    what should i take on a trip? very newb here.
  2. Spent 4 weeks riding it last year. Phenomenal riding. The only boring bit is the main highway down the guts (Midland Hwy). Just about every other road is brilliant. I had 4 weeks so managed to get in just about every major road plus a lot of out of the way places. Highlights being:
    - road from Launy to Scottsdale.
    - roads up and down from St Marys to the coast.
    - Tasman Peninsular and a day at Port Arthur doing the tourist thing(love Australian history)
    - Riding out onto a dry lake bed half way on the way to Strathgordon.
    - The Queenstown, Zeehan, Savage River, Queenstown loop.
    Things to look out for:
    - Wildlife if you are riding anywhere around dawn or dusk.
    - Gravel on the road on the inside of lefthanders - people cut corners a lot there and drag gravel/dirt onto the road.
    - Lazy drivers cutting corners on lefthanders in your lane.
    - Basically, lefthanders can suck!
    As for what to take, make sure you have a good map if you plan on exploring off the beaten track. I had a set of topographic maps that were brilliant because you could assess the scenery and roads based on the detail. Also take some cold weather gear because you never know. I went in March and it was frosty, f'en, icicles out on the road to Strathgordon. And yet a couple of days previous I was on the North-East coast and it was boiling hot.

    I guarantee you will love it.
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  4. what should i take? items wise?
  5. A box of nappies???

    You need a puncture kit, a set of wets, a bottle of crystal view and a small towel, a NextG phone as everything else has crap coverage. Toiletries, mobile phone charger, a map/atlas or GPS and a fresh set of tyres.

    Make sure you get your face stretched as your smile will no longer fit your face.
  6. Agree with all the things Vic said to take. I would take 2 puncture kits, or at least one kit plus at least an additional 3 gas bottles. Alternatively, take a bicycle air pump if you want to do things the hard way. Any motorcycle shop should sell the gas cylinders individually. I had 6 with me when I got the puncture it only just got me out of trouble. You could also opt for one of the compact compressors that are available - either 12 Volt plug or a couple of + and - alligator clips for hooking onto the battery.

    Earplugs are also a must if you are doing long days of riding. I bought a box of 200 pairs from a safety equipment shop for about $50. That will last me a couple of years and it is such a cheap investment.

    Clear and tinted visors. I do this so I don't have wear sunglasses under the helmet but it is illegal to use tinted visors at night. I find that some sunglass frames can act as pressure points after hours in the saddle which give you headaches and are distracting. To clean the visors I have a chux wipe wrapped around a small bottle of lens cleaner. Very handy and fits in just about any size pouch on just about any tankbag.

    I debated taking the laptop, but I had a huge SD card in my camera which could take about 500 photos at the highest res so left the laptop at home. If you wanted to journal your ride as you went, might be an option. Just need to make sure it is well cushioned from vibration.

    And as witnessed by almost missing out on this list, and something I almost always forget and end up buying on the road - a can of chain lube. If you have a chain of course! A quick spurt every 1000k's will do the job and this really makes you appreciate having a bike with a centre stand.

    You have to time your servicings as well. Unless you plan on doing a minor servicing yourself on the road. Doing a 6000+km trip when bikes normally have a 6000km service schedule can introduce some logistic issues if it hasn't just been serviced when you set out.
  7. Yeah, forgot to mention that. None of us needed it on the last trip and none of better need it on the next trip either .

    I love my earmolds but yes, do take plenty of foam ones if you don't have custom moulded ear plugs. I have both the standard earmolds and the ones that I can use my MP3 player with. I enjoy listening to music whilst out on long rides.

    I think you'll find that the tinted visors are generally marked with "not for road use" or similar warnings and are therefore illegal, period.
    Agreed about the no sunnies, Tassie last year was the first time I never wore sunnies under the helmet, and to this date I no longer do. No pressure sores after a while, none of that crap.
    Yeah, chucks and a bottle of crystal view is what I used last time.

    I have an 80-GB X-Drive and packed that. Worked a treat as I could then copy the contents of everyone's camera and they could then format their cards and keep shooting. Bonus for me as I get a copy of their shots as "memories through different eyes".
    A netbook would be perfect to journal your ride. Tiny enough to pack safely and some run SSD's so aren't that sensitive to vibrations.

    I had a chain last ride and lubed it 3 times in the 2500km that we clocked up in a week.
    Now I have a shaft drive and no need to bother any more.

    It won't stop working after 6000km :p
    You can go over the intervals a couple of thousand k's without any damage to the engine.
  8. Check out this article, can be found by clicking on the ARTICLES navigation link, third from the top over on the left there ^----<----

    Also, if you want lots of pics check out these guides at Aus Touring:

    (lots of dirt in these)

    You'll have to sign up for this one, just road:

    Cadbury's no longer have the factory tour, tha bastards.

    I'm a local and need to get my arse out on some of these roads I've only driven in a car.
  9. The tinted part of my dual visor says "daytime use only".

    WIll be a great ride, I am planning to do this at some stage, probably at the end of '09, so I read this stuff with interest, thanks :grin:
  10. The missus and I are doing the trip to tas in Jan.

    Im from tassie and there are a lot of nice roads there.

    some of my fav's

    Elephant pass

    The lake leake road (pharking awesome, 30km of 75, 85 & 95 corners no decreasin radius, no adverse cambers) turn left about 10km past swansea

    the road south from hobart down around tinderbox to huonville

    the stathgordon rd (they use quartz instead of bluestone in the road aggregate, makes it stickier but wear sunglasses cause the road is very glare'y on a sunny day

    strathgordon dam is damn impressive :)

    the loop around the back of tullah to Strahan

    The tasman peninsula loop

    in fact just about everywhere you go theres great roads and great scenery

    cant wait to get back down there ..... yeee haar