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Tasi vs Alps

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ajrider, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. I'm particularly looking for some feedback from those with experience on both who can give a comparison review.

    If a rider only had the chance to go to one - which one would you suggest, and what are the pro's and con's of each?

    What makes one better (or different) from the other?
  2. If I could only choose 1 it would be Tassie. The variety, scenery and lack of police numbers are the main reasons.
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  3. Pros and cons.
    Tassie costs more, obviously. But you are in the great riding areas almost as soon as you get off the boat. If you are tight for time, that can be an advantage (assuming the nights on the boat away from home aren't an issue).
    Weather on the mainland is a little bit more predictable.
    But you can head east or west in Tassie and get different weather - good roads either way.
    Tassie cops CAN occasionally be cranky, but on balance the enforcement is more sensible.
    If I had the money, I'd probably go Tassie.
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  4. Thanks guys. So I'm right in assuming that Tassie has the best roads in Australia - better than the Alps. (As far as roads go)? Sounds like I'll have to get a ticket on the boat at some stage!
  5. One con about some Tassie roads, if I may - that they lack recommended speed signs. It can make you not look anywhere else but the immediate corner. And the corners, well they come very fast, one almost 2-3 seconds on some sections, like the one heading west from St Helens.

    But on another hand, you've got the west. The scenery is absolutely majestic through those wide plains and mountain sections on the way to Queenstown.
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  6. If money isn't a problem grab a boat ticket, great roads at every turn (ha ha) weather can be a bit iffy down south - what time of year are you considering? If you're on a tighter budget you could get 3-4 extra days in the Alps for the price of the ferry. If you consider "The Alps" run roughly from Lakes Entrance to Canberra, there's heaps of roads and country towns to get lost in, and the weather can be more stable except at higher altitudes.
    Depending on where you are in Vic. you can cover a lot of ground over long weekends and save Tassie for extended holidays
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  7. I've only driven in Tassie and have never been to the Alps, but I found humongous amount of wild life on Tasmanian roads all the time, some places were littered with road kill!

    Regardless, I'm saving up and building up on my riding experience as I am definitely coming back to ride Tassie as soon as I can, and I probably will keep coming back.
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  8. If we put up recommended speed signs on every corner down here the signage bill would blow the national budget...... Would be far cheaper to put up warning signs saying "straight section ahead" - there wouldn't be many needed. Kilometre after kilometre of twisty roads, little traffic and a sports bike - life doesn't get much better just watch out for our wildlife from dusk to dawn (and their corpses in the daytime.... smelly and lots of sharp bones for your tyres) .
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  9. I think you're ready - go here: Tassie Trip
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  10. Haven't really committed to a time of the year yet, but weather has been raised a few times. I'm guessing that Tassie would be better to do in the Summer? I suppose the optimal time would be late summer after school holidays have returned? At this stage I'm just trying to gather as much information as possible so I can discuss with a few mates various possibilities, the pro's and con's, etc... I couldn't see it happening before March though at this stage...
  11. I was down there at the end of March earlier this year and would suggest going at the beginning if March is your only time... it got quite cold on some days (visor literally had ice on it) and you will still get some nice sunny days.
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  12. Later in January through to early March usually has the most settled weather, but there are no guarantees - this is Tasmania. Winter actually has a large number of still, clear days, the only disadvantages being low sun angles and the need to wear a lot of clothing.
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  13. Move to Tassie and then take the odd trip to the mainland Alps - works for me :)
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  14. I went from the 1st to the 20th of December 2014, and we had only 3 days of wet weather in 3 weeks! Maybe just a beginner's luck :)
    ajriderajrider, check NR resources section, if you haven't done already. From memory there was a Guide to riding in Tasmania.
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  15. My last Tassie trip was April-May school holidays and the wether was perfect, even the west coast, But there are no guarantees.