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[TAS]whos riding from hobart to the superbikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by suzukiboy, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. hi ppls just seeing who is riding up to the superbikes from hobart next weekend ?
    im hoping too assuming that all my new parts get here and i put it back together in time that is :grin:

  2. I'll be there, but going up Friday to stay ata friends place.

    I think TG and some others are heading up early Sunday tho.

  3. soooooo whats the plan? why is nobody answering the young fella?
    Does suzukiboy have bad breath? Does he change his jocks even less often that Stattler? Does he actually exist :-k

    Is anyone actually going to ride up there?

    Twin Girl won't know until after the fog of gross alcoholic over-indulgence wears off.

    Wobbegong says he's got a pre-arranged plan, But I reckon he's scared of Miss Piggy!

    Techno is off on the love boat in the South Pacific, but he wont get lucky there, cos Mrs Techno invited the kids along :LOL:

    V8 cressida will be missing in action.......

    Ward_4e is being removed.....

  4. obviously TG has found friends fast down there hahaha..

    wish i could get over there for this.. would be awesome. have fun.
  5. Tis true!..Hasn't taken me long to slip back into my alcoholic ways! Joes Garage is perfect for drinkies...like being at your second home!

    Yes Suzukiboy...I am planning on riding up to the sooperboikes on Sunday....perhaps leave Hobart about 9.30am?
    Provided I'm not in a bad way from the night before....and I'm staying in bed if it's raining......I don't care what the muppet gallery say about that!
  6. You're gonna get wet :p
  7. well i didnt think i smelt that much lol

    so what the head count on whos going and from where??

  8. what am i too dirty for the gene pool!!!!
  9. Muppet Gallery????

    Why I orta.......

    Feckin VFL finals. Working both days from noon
  10. told ya joes was awesome hahaha.

    have fun at the supers.. im planning on visiting the winton round next month.