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[TAS] Tuesday Coffee Nights, Hobart

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jim McCarthy

    When: Every Tuesday, about 5:30pm

    Where: Joe's Garage, Market Place, Hobart.

    Come along for a chat, coffee, beer, wotever in one of Australia's best known and loved places.
  2. There ya go Taswegians, our very own coffee night :woot:

    Be there, or I'm promised by a very high authority that Vic will be sent down in his spanking suit to make you suffer.....

    now that wouldn't be very nice, would it :-#

  3. So Joes Garage is still open? I thought they were under threat of thier lease ending and it was going to take a while to move? Or have the moved now?
  4. Matt (owner) said something along the lines of "they keep trying to kick me out but I'm still here, but Im getting too old for this"
    Seems not everyone wants an extension to the carpark which I think owns the land. must be someone with clout, cos who listens to bike riders???

    so dunno how long it'll keep going, it used to be up near the black bufalo pub at one stage, hopefully it'll move somewhere else and either his kids or someone else will keep it going.

    Anyways, It's on again "in perpetuity" every Monday for those interested, I think the 9 or so that turned up on the first night, + 1 who got lost (no names, eh Zeus :wink: ) +1 who didn't show due to work wasn't a bad showing for Tassie, it's usually impossible to get more than three pairs of heads in one place down here

    Mods/Admins, can we have a Hobart coffee night "sticky" pls.

  5. Why wasn't there a Hobart coffee night when we were over there? :(
  6. No coffee night cos despite trying to get these taswegians to join in, it wasn't till that excellent couple Sher and Vani showed interest that the momentum started. Techno jumped in as well, Zeus tried...(well, he does ride a beemer). ssmack will when work allows, plus two workmates and another non -netrider friend and suddenly it happened!!!

    Deepest apologies for not supplying you the fitting welcome on your tassie trip. But coffee is always available at my place in Snug, and now you have another excuse to come to Tas :cool:

  7. Any excuse is a good excuse to go back to Tassie, but this time we will bring the bikes. Will get in touch next time too :D
  8. We let events be held regularly 3 times before applying a sticky. Otherwise, we'll have everyone wanting a sticky, and the first page of the forum will be filled with just stickies. Makes it fair for everyone.

    I'm sure you'll get one in a couple of weeks :)
  9. So JJ can we walk there from Somerset on Salamanca?

    We may be able to swell the crowds a bit in a couple of weeks time. :LOL:

    The next question Iffracem is Have you got any wheels yet?

  10. Mate.. Salamanca is but a short, scenic stroll away :grin:

    I haven't got a bike yet, cos the stinking insurance is taking their time.
    Despite me doing all the running around (organising the Assessor they recommended, getting the carcass to town to make it easier etc) They havn't come up with a pay out figure yet, despite the assessor giving them the "write off" notice last Tuesday, and me having to call them to find out whats happening next

    QBE if you want to, despite the 5% discount for club membership I doubt they'll get my business again

    The mob I use for the car (CGU, via my credit union) had everything sorted after 1 phone call and 4 days, and they apologised it took so long cos the panel beater was busy!!

    Anyways, got 8 days off to go to the old peoples on bikes convention, and can't bloody go anywhere :cry:

  11. Fair enough too.

    (just don't send Vic down in the "spanking suit" tho, pleeeez :shock: )
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Say hi to the Yarra Ranges mob for me, thats if you get up there.

    You should be able to find a few bikes around that would be to your liking in the next week or two mate. Then make sure you ride it like you stole it. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. yeah, I can see the headlines...

    Ulysses AGM in Uproar

    What was thought to be a mass suicide attempt by members of the old fogeys on bikes club was in fact mass cardiac arrests caused when one of the more junior members pilferred an alledged bike

    Police are confident they can catch the miscreant, as the "bike" weighs almost 3 tonne and looks remarkably like the starship enterprise

    Senior Constable I.R.A Plod claimed "Finding it is easy, it's been seen travelling south at a decent speed, the rider cackling weirdly" he added " following the trail of damaged road caused by that much mass exerted on two skinny wheels is pretty easy, although the marks left by the small attached caravan is misleading at times." "Once we find it the interesting bit starts, I mean, how do you pull up a coupla tonne of oversized land barge on a island this small?" he mused

    Event participant Ivan "pass me the incontinence pants" Macguire claimed "These bloody young whipper snappers!! He was only 45 if he was a day.. should be riding one of those new fangled "sports thingies" not a "touring bike", If he does too many of that leaning over business the dancing elvis might fall off the dashboard!!!" he then went on too add something about "in my day when I were a lad" but this reporter fell asleep at that point.
  14. hi jim was down your way last week for a flying visit had a quick look at joes garage looks to be a interesting little watering hole have put in on my must do list next time i'm down there also me and oldbag went for a ride today bloody old farts on bikes every where my neck and arm has never been so sore from returning waves and nods :grin:
  15. heya Goat

    got that shockie fixed yet?

    you should put it a "g'day" over at the general discussion.
  16. got the shockie finally this week after 6 weeks (damn thing ended up in perth then went missing for a while) when i had a close look at it it had a oil leak so i have sent it back grrrrrr
  17. Or the 'new riders' section ;)
  18. ahh sweet.. tassie coffee.. noice.. ill be home for a few days over easter i hope.. if im there ill drop in and say hi :)

  19. Winner!!

    Hopefully I'll be back on 2 wheels by then, we might be able to organise a ride.

  20. Matt @ Joe's says he's definately open tomorrow, despite the public holiday.

    So don't be shy :cool: