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[TAS] Toyrun, Sat 17th Dec

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Blunty, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. So us hobaryians have got the toyrun on tomorrow, got my sack full of toys, got my camera charged (and spare battery) ready to go, got red and green tissel ready to decorate my ride in a suitably festive manner. and I've taped a santa-hat to my skull cage...
    For the toy donations I've got some Lego, a megabloks teenage mutant ninga turtles set, some toy trucks for the lil'uns, and a 'my little pony' for the girls. Mum also donated a really nice teddybear. A nice swag with all the bases covered in age range and gender stereo-typing... coz afterall, this is all for the kids. :)
    I'll be easy to spot - I'll be the chunky guy on the red scooter! probably stick out like a aore thumb in amungst the rest of the crowd on big bikes.
    So how many other hobartian netriders are going to be there?

  2. ... what an overwheaming responce!

    My first Toyrun was an awesome expeirience...

    Columns of bikes, in a pack kilometers long soaking up all lanes under police escort, I've never been a part of anything so awe inspiring. It was insane!

    The only problem was I was so excited and distracted by the spectacle that I kept forgetting to whip the camera out, but I did come home with 10 good shots that I uploaded to flikr, so all was not lost.

    Sadly My back started playing up so I didn't make it to the after-party, but I'm not too upset over that. The ride was enough.
  3. Glad you liked your first run. Pity the weather didn't turn it on for you. For those interstate, the run left the DEC at 2.30pm. About 1PM when I was about ready to set off it bucketed down, thunder, lightning and all. Cleared up by 2pm though. All this didn't appear to effect the numbers and it was pretty good by the time we sat down at Salamanca for coffee.

    I had my usual coffee with Iffracem (hi Jim).

    Any other netriders there?


  4. Hi guys...
    A bit off topic but a friend is looking for a bike in Tassie and Im just wondering where they can look? Online or stores around Hobart would be good. Thanks in advance :)

    PS. Sounds like you guys had a good day.
  5. hi gixxerchick, you might have set a new record for the longest time between joining and a first post. Welcome to the public part of the forum anyway :D
  6. Hehe, I did post the day I joined, but that happened to be the day they deleted everything from that day (script trouble or something) So yeah this is my next first post :).
  7. Buying a bike in Hobart you say? I know of a few for sale.

    As the market down here is not very big, there are few places to look. A lot of Tassie riders will consider flying to Melb to pick up a bike due to greater choice.

    You could try the trading post online. Also bikesales and limit the search to Tas.( www.bikesales.com.au).

    There are three dealers in Hobart. Motorworks (Aprilia, Triumph, Moto Guzzi ect). Bikeworks (Suzuki, Kawasaki) and Horizon (Honda, Yamaha, MV Augusta).

    What sort of bike are they looking for? This may give me some other ideas for leads.