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[TAS] Toy Run, Sat Dec 9th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: jason

    HOBART. MRA TOY RUN 26. Saturday, December 9th 2006

    Assemble at the Derwent Entertainment Centre on the Booker Highway. Departs at 2.30 pm for Hobart.

    Without doubt the biggest Toy Run in OZ per head of population. Probably the longest too if yo...

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  2. I'm going to Tassie for this toy run. Does anyone know of other netriders that are going to be on the Spirit of Tasmania on the 7th of December. I do love drinking on my own but it's christmas.... I'll shout ya an eggnogg :LOL:
  3. You're on! I'll be going over on that nite's sailing to my old home state \:D/ PM for mobile or whatever if you want.
  4. drop in at joe's after the run, say g'day. should be a few netriders there.


    Tas Toy run festivities, for those who want a bit more than the slow crawl down the Brooker Dragway

    Start at Sorell Banjo's, 09:30, head up to Swansea, Stopping the Triabunna servo if you need to. (last one on RIGHT)
    Munchies @ Swansea, ("Left Bank" or Bakery). Across to Campbletown via Lake Leake. Meet up at C-town, behind the park (carpark where the shyte-house is)
    Then either fall in with the northern bunch along the Midlands Bore-way (Yuck) or up Poatina, down to Bothwell, meet up again at Milton Mowbray Pub. Then onto the DEC and the Toyrun proper.

    After the Toyrun, meet up at Joe's (of course!!)

    Dazshy needs a volunteer to Pillion his young-un, any takers???
    I'll be riding like a granny all day, cos my daughter will be on the back and she's too damn important to put at risk!

    Plus there will be masses of Plod around, be warned!!

  6. I'll be riding like JJ cos I'll have Connie on the back. Be on the lookout for another sewerage pump...er Guzzi following us. Teh work tea lady and her better half my show up for the run. I'll confirm with her during the week
  7. Ha!! sewerage pump = guzzi :rofl:
  8. Might take you up on that - my original plans for a ride before look like not happening.
  9. good stuff! CYA there.
  10. I dunno JJ, Do we really want an old bloke riding a leaky twin cylinder bike that might rattle itself..............oh hang on, thats me. :p
  11. You bet it is Sparky - I'd wager that I'm younger than you!
  12. You're probably right too, bet your bike doesn't leak oil from it's tacho!
  13. Dunno, I usually get grease on my fingers when readjusting the odometer whilst filling up - does that count? It leaks from wherever it wants, really - it is a Triumph after all :cool: will have pillion so going easy as well.
  14. :popcorn:
    Battle of the Ol'farts.

    "My bikes more decrepit than yours"

    "NO my bike falls apart more often"

    "Well, last time I rode my bike, the lights fell off"

    "That's nothin', the chain fell off mine, and I had to push it all the way"


    remind me to ride in front of these two!!
  15. Sounds like the locals down there were able to organise the Toy Run. I read where they were having bureucractic issues with the police and it looked like it may not go ahead.
  16. Consider yourself reminded :rofl:
  17. Yeah they sorted that crap out. The police wanted to run it in conjuction with the christmas parade that the Hobart city council have. The MRA were struggling to get support from the coppers for the 9th of December. Obviously they worked out something.

    Looks like the weather is going to be good should be a bit a fun, even if i'm doing the ride down the Borway from Lonnie. :roll:
  18. I might borrow my Dad's donor xs1100 so I can join in this battle.

    "My brakes are so bad that I have to put my boot on the front tyre"

    "huh? atleast you have brakes"
  19. If I can get the RR started (ie the battery hasnt died again from lack of use) on Sat morning will be heading down the boreway from Lonnie too...

    Anyone organising a meet up to go from Lonnie and if so what time are they heading off... even if we cant bring both bikes I am keen on doing the run on either the f4i or the RR :)
  20. U so need to bring the RR down to Hobart for a little visit!!
    I will be doing the toy run this weekend..not sure if I'll do a ride before hand..or just go straight to the start point...weather dependant i s'pose....
    Have to get some tinsel and dress up the SP! :grin: :grin: