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[TAS]This Dealer needs to be labeled Stealer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I've been waiting for phizdog to post this and seeing that he hasn't, I thought I'd do the honours on his behalf, I'm sure he won't mind.

    Sorry, Long story,

    Whilst in Tasmania recently, Spots needed some bolts for his bike and was sent to Motorworks in Argyle St Hobart by Hor1zon Motorcycles whilst someone was getting a tyre fixed I think.

    Whilst at MKotorworks Jared notices a front puncture. Goes into motorworks and they plug his front tyre. I know I know, let's not turn this into a "should never plug a front, yadda yadda". Lets focus on the stealers ethics.

    The tyre is plugged and off we ride. I forget the weather, I think it was wet in the morning, not sure.

    At a stop I comment to Jared how nice that piece of road was and that everything was "just working".

    He replies with, "not with me, I just can't get it to feel right, I'm all over the place, the front doesn't feel planted, I'm just having a really off day".

    Dismissed, and off we ride. Later that afternoon, we notice a rear tyre puncture.

    After being charged $66 for a mushroom plug, I entered the other bike shop into the GPS and tried to call them from the number in the GPS but my phone decided it didn't want to play anymore and went for a nap.
    Never mind calling, we'll just drop in.
    Soon enough, I hit the big green GO button and we were off to Hor1zon Motorcycles at 233 Main Rd, Derwent Park Tasmania. The Manager, Farrel White and the staff are absolutely wonderful. We had need to go there 4 times this trip and each and every time they would finish what they were doing at the time and accommodate our needs.

    When we returned with a rear wheel puncture in the afternoon, he asked his tyre person to fix the rear wheel.

    Whilst that was being done Jared was looking around the shop and I was speaking with Farrel.
    He excuses himself and goes to see how the tyre is coming along. He returns with news, both good and bad.
    The good news in that the tyre was punctured in the perfect spot for a repair. The bad news is your front wheel is on backwards. :shock:

    He asked if we wanted it fixed, we said no, we'll take it back to Motorworks and get them to fix it. He goes out the back only to find the tyre tech had already taken the front wheel off. So he asks that it be put on backwards.

    Armed with that knowledge we go back to Motorworks and Jared walks up to the service counter and hands the bloke the receipts and says, "I'd like a refund" the bloke looks at the receipt, looks up and scoffs. Jared came back with, "No, really"

    Then we get asked why. We tell him that the tyre tech put the front wheel on backwards this morning. He goes out to the bike, has a look and gets the thing fixed.
    Whilst it's being fixed he comes in and says, "we'll refund the $22 labour charge but not the $44 for the plug :shock:, yes, it's not a typo, $44 for a mushroom plug!!!

    I did a double take and asked him, $44 for a plug? they retail for $9. in fact that is exactly what we paid 15 minutes ago when we had the rear tyre plugged. Hor1zon Motorcycles charged us $34.95 or something close to that.

    Then he returns with "well the plug was used, that's what we charge"

    So I told him that news travels pretty fast these days, gave him a wink and walked out.

    How did Hor1zon pick up the wheel was on backwards? because after they came out with the works order, they had ticked all the boxes of their quick checklist.

    That is what one would expect from a brilliant dealer workshop. In my previous conversation with Farrel, he said, "it cost's nothing to be nice"

    So here is a HUGE wrap for Hor1zon Motorcycles at 233 Main Rd, Derwent Park Tasmania
  2. I hope all Tasweigiens and tourists read your post Vic, Very well deserved plug for Hor1zon Motorcycles !!! Also very well deserved plug of a different sort for the other mob...
  3. I'll add my bit -

    Pre-planning for tassie was rubber, and my front was low but I estimated it lasting the trip. Wrong - I killed it in the first day.

    When we called horizon first thing in the morning, I asked for my specific chosen tyre in my size which they had. I asked for on-the-spot fitting, which they were initially hesitant as they were busy, however after explaining we were from melbourne on a trip they said bring it in asap. We waited around 30 minutes and my tyre was on, presoled and all (no mold release wax).

    Brilliant job guys at Horizon!!!

    Later in the trip, CFVFR also required a rear tyre as a puncher repair we (us silly netriders) attempted on day one didn't hold up. Again, first thing in the morning we called them, they had the tyre in stock, and fitted on the spot!!

    As for the other twits, wheel on backwards!! Fukn!! I don't know exactly how tyres work right down to the nitty gritty physics, but something tells me there was potential for a downed bike there. Shocking really. And the price for a plug!! Gawd damn.

    Go horizon.
  4. How'd the Conti's hold up Vic?
  5. Interesting... I've always found the exact opposite with these two places, I much prefer Motorworks over Horizon. I'd be interested to hear other Tassie people's experience...
  6. There is a review coming Pete.

    But in a nutshell, ****EN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most definitely my new favourite tyre.

    I've just about stuffed the rear, not too sure on the front, will get the bike out on the weekend and give it a well deserved wash and see how they finished up.

    After 3,000km they wore as much as the Pilot Powers but the Conti's I found much better in the wet.

    I had a bit of a slide when I first got to Tassie but I'm positive it was because they were yet to be scrubbed in properly. They don't take too long to get up to temp.
  7. Been meaning to get around to it but I've been busy (buckled iz breww).

    Firstly, big props to Hor1zon Motorcycles at 233 Main Rd, Derwent Park Tasmania. Hor1zon is great! Very professional, friendly, well priced and thorough. Big thumbs up!

    Wish I could say the same for Motorworks in Argyle St Hobart. I'm not going to have a massive whinge about it, will just state the facts.

    Front wheel was put on backwards (tyre on wheel properly, but wheel itself on backwards). Meaning the tread pattern was backwards.. it was raining that morning. After getting the tyre on and continuing on the ride, the front was slipping around in the wet and had me shaking my head trying to figure out why it was doing it - as it was slipping alot - and seemingly for no reason (going very slow in the wet).

    After Hor1zon (legends) told us the front was on backwards it all fell into place. Went back there to remedy the issue. I have to say that considering they endangered my life by putting the wheel on backwards, they weren't exactly apologetic! They refunded $22 for labour (listed as 15minutes labour on the receipt) but wouldn't refund the $44 for the plug..

    $44 for the cost of a plug? Pretty dodgy if you ask me, especially when you consider that it was originally $66, ended up being $44 after the labour refund, which is still $6 more than the total price of the Hor1zon to patch the rear.

    If I had stacked it in the rain because of it, I would have been pretty stuffed. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, its how you remedy them that matters. You'd think they'd be eager to refund the full (rip off) amount considering their stuffed up job and potential life endangerment..

    But no, they were apathetic about the whole thing.

    BIG THUMBS DOWN MOTORWORKS- dont bother with them, instead go straight to Hor1zon Motorcycles at 233 Main Rd, Derwent Park.
  8. It wasnt so much the tyre being on backwards that would have caused the issue but the fact the wheel would have been over to one side. The Japs are very smart at making things so they dont go back together properly if there not on the right way around so as to stand out and make you (the mechanic/technician) realise that somethings isnt right. Your wheel would have been way over to one side of the forks to the point were the tyre would have been close to touching the side of the front mud gaurd. Thats why the bike would have handled like poo becuase the wheels would have been way out of line. At the next spanner night pull your wheel out and try to put it in the wrong way. You'll see what I mean.
  9. Cheers mate, good to know. I'm sure the lack of water disappation from the backwards tread didn't do it any favours either though :)

  10. Ok. as a Local here's my 2c worth. I tend to agree with Noddy as far as friendlyness goes. BUT (and its a big but). I haven't had anything mechanical done there...I have at three other places (Bikeworks,Reds and Horizon). Bikeworks did my insurance claim, bike came back smicko, Reds did cam chain and tensioner on my old ZZR = fine job. Horizon recently fitted new Pilot Road 2's to my CBR = no probs.

    Unfortunately I do have a story about the vendor in the Gun sights.

    An ex work collegue of mine had a VTR1000, took it in for a tune, on the way home from picking it up she started to splutter and would hardly rev past idle. So he limped it back to the store. They said they would look at it and come back at the end of the day. He explained to them that he was due to pick his daughter up in 45 min and that that wouldn't do. They really didn't seem to care until he threated to start tearing limbs from torso's.

    The problem ended up being a pinched fuel line when they reinstalled the tank after the tune up.](*,)

  11. Smished azz brew!!!!!

    A reply from Horizon.

  12. I fronted up at Horizon about half an hour before knock off ith 2 extremely sorry looking tyres after a run out to the Gibson? dam. Told the guys I was due to head off to Strahan the next morning and one of the blokes stayed back and fitted 2 new tyres on the spot while I enjoyed a refreshing ale in the pub across the road.

    I thought that was a top effort. Glad to hear great service is their standard and not the exception. As for the other blokes????
  13. I have always maintained that you just don't know who your customers are. It is always a good idea to treat everyone that walks through your door with respect. The fact that we were from out of town is all the more reason to "look after" your customers.
    Sure the 10 riders that rocked up will be out of the state and forgotten about in a few days but the impression lasts a very long time.
    We might have been nobody's or we could have been a sliver of a much, much bigger group that has the ability to provide thousands of motorcyclists with feedback such as this thread.
    At the very least they have lost 12 customers, at the very worst, others may now choose to go to Horizon instead of Motorworks.

    Again, you just don't know who your customers are

    Sucks to be Motorworks. :rofl: