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(tas)test and turn at the drags

Discussion in 'Other States' started by suzukiboy, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. hey guy just seein if anyone on here is going up to the test and tune and runnin there bike at the drag strip tomorro???

    cheers Mat
  2. no... i fly out to bris at 6:30 so I'll have to find out how you went when i get back but remember if ou do go mate
  3. if i take the bike will do mate
  4. Nope..

    be busy with fiery's wee beastie
  5. Hey... sorry to hijack suzikiboy but JJ when are you going to post pics of your pressure bleeder?
  6. Where are the drags? Not that I will be entering!! just watching. Wouldn't mind going for a look!
    I will have to work out with Feiry and JJ when we can do her bike.
    This weekend I have no visitors and so I am going riding BOTH days!!
    Thought I might go around Port arthur one day and not sure where for the other!
  7. I love a good hijacking :grin:
    I'll take pics this weekend.
    TG, best day for Fiery's beast would be Sunday.

  8. there up launny way ill be going up if anyone wants to ride up too
  9. Hey suzukiboy (and any others). You probably know the dates better than me but I think that the first drags propper is early sept. A mate of mine wants to get a tribe together and ride up the "back way" to the drags...then who eva wants to can race... then we can cruise back home after through the midlands. I won't be racing (as leaving Kawasaki parts all over the track will recieve the ire of fellow competitors ](*,) :p maybe when I get something with grunt.... hayabusa's are good in straight lines aren't they ? :shock: ) but will be in it for the ride and the mob mentallity.