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[TAS] Tassie Tour 2010, Thu Jan 7th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Vic

    The time has come to organise another Tour of Tasmania.

    We are aiming to leave Melbourne on Thursday night 7th of January.

    Spending a week in Tassie before departing on the 15th arriving back in Melbourne on the morning of the 16th.

    The ent...

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  2. List of attendees so far as;

    Vic -
    Dannyboy -
    CFVFR -
    Brad -
    GreyBM -
    Lizzy -
    Brownyy -
    Spots -
    Phizdog -
    Petes -
    Ruben -

    If you are going to use a different name when making payment, please advise.

    Blue = Details forwarded to me, red = slack shits ;)
  3. what did it cost you last year, boat, accom, food, petrol etc? if the total looks good and i reckon i can have that set aside by then, im in :)
  4. Boat $500

    Food dunno, what's it cost to eat for a week? I don't put a price on food. I back that statement up with my fat gut.

    Petrol, how much fuel does your bike use? we did 3000km I get ~300km to a full tank, a full tank costs me around $28 to fill. That works out to be around $280 in fuel @ $1.50 a litre.

    Accommodation, we were blessed to have had JT offer us his house to fart in for the week and on the last night we stayed in Mole Creek. I think that cost $105 for the night, split that 4 ways and it was $26.25c each :p

    We bought food for the BBQ and we refused to let Jason pay for anything whilst we were there. 6 of us stayed there and on the last day we each chipped in $50 and hid $300 under his keyboard as a thank you. We did get a "fcuken arseholes" SMS when we reached Strahan :grin:

    All up if you put aside $1000-$1200 you should be right.
  5. sounds good.
    i reckon i eat more than you though :grin:
    put me down!!
    when do the tix need to be booked for transport?
    would almost be cheaper to fly, and just ship the bike :?
  6. if you need anything while on the east coast give me a call , have a self contained bungerlow if you need too hide from weather or just want to freshen up ,and a fully tooled work shop, cheers bazz
  7. Awesome, thanks for the offer.

    Will you be joining us for a ride?
  8. is that for a casual ride wearing draggins for the day :p

  9. hahahaha, yeah, that story was bought up last night :LOL:

    You in again Goosh?
  10. I'm in....being a learner I know I'm not up to scratch on the bike yet, by jan should be but happy to cage it & play back up vechile if it comes to me not being sure about being able to keep up with the experienced riders.....if this suits of course.....neva been to tassie & would love the chance to go, cage or bike...

    (thanks vic, found the thread, :LOL:)
  11. This really sounds like a Hoot F... Me :LOL:

    The old Gixxer thou hasn't had a good work out for a while, so I'm thinking this should blow out the cob webs big time :shock:

    BRING IT ON :grin:

    LOL Bruce
  12. very tempting, but i dont know.. will get back to you as soon as i can
  13. Not exactly the answer I was looking for :p
  14. love too if you do the east coast cheers bazz
  15. On the first and on the 3rd or 4th day ;)

    mmmmmm I can smell Lake Leake road already* :grin:

    We generally base ourselves in Hobart and do ride days from there.

    * Paging Jafu, Cliffy, Scumbag <-- as these three veterans would attest
  16. have you rode the siddling and weld hill passes leaves lake leake for dead :grin:
  17. Suppose I should invest in leathers for such an extended ride...
  18. So that means you are in?
  19. Definately :cool:
  20. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun, can you please pencil me in and I'll confirm later - when do you have to finalise numbers?