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[TAS] Tassie Easter Trip - 3 days round the state, Fri Mar 2

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: darklightBoy

    Okay, this is the easter long weekend. That means leaving Hobart on Good Friday - 21st March, getting back on Easter Sunday - 23rd March.

    Plan so far:

    Friday - Leave Hobart, head east to Orford, then go north. Visit Lake Leake road to Campbell To...

    ... more

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  2. Im in :)
  3. Ill get back to ya Nate, not to sure whats going on with work or family yet. Would love the chance to get out on the bass highway though, the road past burnie is so smooth with nice sweeping corners and great views.
  4. Dammit Dim, you stole my first post! :p

    Anyway guys, please let me know ASAP if you're in or not, as being easter we may need to book for accommodation.

    This should be a good trip :)

    Day One: Hobart - Orford - Swansea - Lake Leake Rd - St Marys - St Helens - Pyengana

    Day Two

    Day Three

    Who's In:
    - darklightBoy
    - Dim
    - bit_of_alright
    - Twingirl
    - Sir Skuffy and the Mexicans (maybe)
  5. Well if you leave 8hours or so after your first post.... :grin:
  6. um, i'll proli come i guess, c how i go.....
  7. As previously advised, I'm prob out for this one.
  8. Yeah, I'll go.

    My mum arrives after this trip.

    Just gotta get Bwian looked after.

  9. Hrm im thinking i may not be up for this, not in a position to be taking time off work, and as we all know im too much of a poser to put the bag rack on my bike :roll:
  10. Would the Mexican Members be permitted to some and polute the ride?

    We dont mind posing with our Bags.,.... :LOL:
  11. Hey Sir Skuff, as said before, you're welcome along. (We'll just chuck ya in the sea if you annoy us :LOL: )

    How many you bringing?

    Oh and DonDock, don't be a piker :p Sharing of rooms/tents may be in order lol
  12. Errrr...I don't do tents!

  13. I've got a nice big plastic sheet you could somehow arrange into the shape of 5star hotel you can use insteadof a tent :LOL:
  14. Aww, c'mon TG, sharing a tent with d'light Boy not appeal to you? :wink: :LOL:

    Aaaaaaaaaaanyway.....that brings up the question (which may have been answered now), who is against the camping idea for the first night? I'm thinking a motel or that Waratah pub for the night out west.
  15. Its doubtful for me as we are a chef down at work at the moment. But if that changes ill let you know.
  16. Might be able to do the first day then double back to hobart :dance: if any other pikers are in for that.
    Won't be able to to the whole trip though :( besides I snore :LOL:
  17. I'll enjoy Delight boy's tent anyday..... :twisted:

    :LOL: Oh....you mean a camping tent.... :LOL:

    Nope...happy to go cheapo rooms in a hotel/motel/backpacker/ cabin in a caravan park type deal, but no camping for me. Though if the rest of the group prefers camping, I am happy to sit out/stay elsewhere.
  18. Right. Well once sir skuffy gets back to me on how many mexicans may be coming (if they're joining in) I'll look at cabin accommodation then.
  19. Okay guys, I've got two on the shortlist for the first night's accommodation up the North-east. First one is St Helens Backpackers, just a regular hostel thing with a BBQ area.

    Other option, we go a bit further on day 1 and stay at the Pub in the Paddock at Pyengana. I like this idea as it combines a place to eat, a place to sleep and somewhere for a couple of evening drinks if you are so inclined. Apparently a waterfall nearby if anyone's for sight seeing.

    Both places appear to be around the $50-70 mark for rooms, I'll check out exactly what their room configurations are so we know if it's easier to share. With a confirmed list of 2 guys 2 girls it might work well.

    Any preference?
  20. Don't forget the Hoser party in Melb that weekend TG. Tank tops and tatts