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(TAS) Stolen Mitsubishi Evo6 Rally Car

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sjh, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. I know its not a Motorbike, however - more eyes looking cant be a bad thing.

    From http://www.offroadracingtasmania.com.au/ and the Yahoo Vic_Rally group ...

    Stolen in the Hobart Area - Evo 6
    "Here are the details for our car that was stolen on the weekend 20/21 Feb. If you could please forward to anyone you know that could keep an eye out. It was stolen from Cambridge Self Storage in Hobart. They cut through the fence, unhooked trailer from tow car and drove off with car and trailer.
    NSW rego U59058 A silver unique car trailer. Standard dual wheel flat car trailer.
    1999 Evo 6 (Usually has the number plate OFF15E) Had Targa Wrest point plate on it #334
    Chassis # CP9A-0107643 Engine number: 4G63YX8441
    Fully welded roll cage, completely stripped except for door trim and dash.
    Most of you know car from Buller, Lake Mountain, Duttons etc

    Any information please let Hobart police (03) 6230 2899: Steve 0417 669 676 or myself 0401 032 346 know

    Much Appreciated, Christina Condon "

    Apparently there has been a few rally/race/performance cars stolen in Tassie lately & the thought is that they will only be any good for parts. They are literally dissappearing.
  2. And....FOUND!!!!!!!!

    Steve spadas evo FOUND in 1 peice, and still under tarp on trailer, tried to tow it with jockey wheel down , made it as far as Richmond outskirts

    Good news

    ps. i thought this was in stolen bikes, - sorry i thought that would have been the closest forum.
  3. Yay. Happy ending.