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[TAS] Ride day to Southport, Sun Jul 13th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Nathan Mitchell

    Nate's last chance to get out on a group ride before heading to the north island. I got introduced to the Southport road last weekend (unfortunately in the car) so I say let's go that way on the bikes, at least I'll have ridden it then.

    Meet @ Joe's...

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  2. Well kiddies, who's gonna accompany me on one last Tassie road cruise (excepting the run to the ferry)?
  3. For half a second there I thought "but we went on the southport road earlier in the year", then I remembered you were off riding somewhere in the rain in queensland :LOL:
  4. Sorry Nate, I'll be waking up in Launceston that morning.

    Maybe I'll join in the ride to the ferry.
  5. I'll be on this one if:

    1- Its not too cold
    2- Its not tooo wet
    3- Im not toooo tired from late night dad duties
    4- I can stuff a hot water bottle in my jacket. (Won't fit in my pants :LOL: :roll: I'll let ya guess where the liquid comes from though :-w )
  6. Hey Dim, without 52 different rides to do over the course of a year, some things may just be doubled up :p
  7. You left one off...too old!! :LOL:

    So are you going straight from the ride to keri's house warming? Then straight from that to motogp at your place nate?
  8. probably won't be motogp at mine this weekend thanks to the housewarming. will try record it for people
  9. Yay! will it come on the same disc as the last superbikes round im still waiting for too? :LOL:
    Oh and what time will you be heading through hoonville?
  10. If you're lucky :p

    As for hoonville, not exactly sure but we'll be leaving Joe's 10.30, I'll let you know which way we're going so you can guesstimate.
  11. Meeting at Joes at 1030 or leaving Joes at 1030?
  12. Sorry I'll miss it! :(

    Hope the weather is good and you have a fantastic time!
  13. Sorry i couldnt make it mate. Il be tagging along for your hoon to the ferry though.
  14. sorry i didnt make it, Simon did tell me about it, But i was so fcked after the night before lol that all i wanted to do was eat and sleep ha ha