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[TAS] Ride Day to Oppossum Bay, Sat Jun 9th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Kevin Benson

    Ride Day to Oppossum Bay via Cambridge and Acton.
    BBQ Lunch provided. Meet 9:00 am at Big W Car Park, Glenorchy. Further details- Kevin-0448789207

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  2. Nice, and I have that day off as well at this stage :)
  3. I have fond memories to that particular bit of road from our Tassie trip back in January - Hope you guys have a great day :)
  4. Well it seems i have the day off also, so ill see how the weather is
  5. Isn't 9am a bit early for a ride to Opossum bay for lunch?
    Even if we go via Acton, Cambridge etc?
    What is the cost for the BBQ lunch?
  6. I start work at 11.30, so count me out. Nice road that is, and nice and close to my place.
  7. Im getting the feeling you dont want to ride with me smack :p
  8. ooh, BBQ! i'm in!

    ...haven't ridden that way before, so it should be fun.
  9. Grrr and now im working on sat because they don't want me working the public holiday on monday
  10. I'm getting the feeling you don't want to meet any of us :twisted:

  11. smart boy! :p :p
  12. Who the hell is Kevin Benson? Fess up!
  13. Hehe I was wondering that myself :LOL:
  14. Don't go!!!!

    Its obviously a trap to lure unsuspecting netriders into god knows what.

    Kevin Benson? who is that?

    You do know that there's only one way in and out of O'Possum Bay.

    It all smells suspicious to me :shock:
  15. This is Opossum Bay, not Cygnet or Spreyton. Cletus dun live there.
  16. nope.. cos Kevin Benson got him!!!!
  17. :shock:

    note to self: pack crowbar and meat cleaver in bike pack for tomorrow...
  18. Anyone survive the ride?
  19. Dammit, I had a nice big speil written up and I accidently hit back on my browser tab and lost it all .... :evil:
  20. Ok, trying again.

    The day went really well. The group that organised it all was "Spirit Riders Global Care", very nice bunch of people.

    We ended up going Glenorchy>Brighton>Richmond>Cambridge>Acton>Oppossum Bay.

    Stopped at Richmond for morning tea which was provided (cakes and hot drinks) which was very cool, on their bigger rides they have a car carrying lots of goodies like that, which included a BBQ lunch which we enjoyed at Oppossum bay (all free of charge).

    The ride back was nice, as the roads had dried a little more, and the Riflerange Rd or what ever it was called that we went back along had some nice wheelie opportunities :grin:

    Was a fairly sedate ride (especially by my standards :p ) but the conditions didnt really allow for too many shenanigans either, but still very enjoyable with all the support and lots of people to chat with at the stops, about 20 of us all up.

    I just hope I didnt piss the sv650 owner off too much when I got a bit close to him doing a wheelstand :? . I really need to kick that habit heh, it was closer than when I did to you Techno, I was a little nervous about it myself :shock: (if you read this :) ).