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[Tas-Qld] Iffracem's big adventure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by smack, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread for JJ to add to as he travels north.

    Day 1. Bet he slept in and did the Midland Boreway just in time to catch the boat.

  2. You are a mongrel Smack :LOL:

    You're right, I did sleep in, and went straight up the crappy midlands :cry:

    Was one of only three bikes on the boat.. That's debatable actually, there was me, a scoota and a beemer, so one bike, one tractor and a shopping trolley. Smooth sailing all the way, boring as snot.

    Now I've just finished a wonderful meal and a beer at the Gromit hacienda \:D/ loverly.

    Only hassle is getting coverred in green slime from a truck heading into Devenport.. dunno what it was, but tomorrow is a bike and jacket wash day.

    Coupla photo's up tomorrow, if I can twist Clives arm for bandwidth.
  3. The best laid plans..... How could you sleep in? I prob wouldn't have slept at all the night before.

    Add some more details when you can get online. Love to hear how its going. I have to do all my riding vicariously these days. Grumble, grumble, Honda.....
  4. Techno, you wouldn't sleep worrying if your choice in ratbike could actually start :p

    Fun it is MG!

    Day two was a quiet one, did a bit of after Christmas shopping for a replacement helmet, as mine was a KBC VR1 that got used daily, the liner had compressed too much and it became too loose.
    After a bit of a helmet testing, comparing, ear masing, forehead jamming etc I picked up a Shoei TZ-R for a decent price.

    Then picked up some wires, connectors etc and returned to the Gromit hacienda for some air horn insertion into the teapot 750. With all that space, and slightly bigger beast to start with, it didn't take as long to fit. Now Gromit is riding around even more on the lookout for errant drivers, not to avoid 'em, but to test out the horn in anger :cool:

    Also picked up some "PolyGlaze" waterless wash, I'm impressed with that stuff, got rid of all the slime I'd collected on the way to the ferry easily, and cleaned mine and Gromits' beasts using very little from the spray bottle.

    That night it was off to Pizza and red wine with the Gromit family (the Gromettes?) I was supposed to pay, but Mrs Gromit snuck away and
    paid before I got the chance (mumble grumble.. can't trust Victorians)

    Day Three, and it's the Gippsland Ride, not bad, not bad at all. Could do with some extra corners tho :cheeky: BBQ back at Gromit's where the bugger again refused my offer to purchase drinks.

    Day Four now ann I'm hoping to catch up with Tazman, then off in the general direction of North.

    photo's will come later.......

  5. I can report that Elvis has left the building... :p

    After we dropped round to see Mick this morning, JJ loaded the Cat with all his worldly possessions (well, it looked that way) and headed north with nothing but a GPS to guide him. And that promised to be bugger-all use since it was impossible to see the display in direct sunlight and the silly sod had lost his earphones. :roll:

    Anyway, here's proof of the visitation.

    2 OFARCS not quite hiding their rotundity:


    A fine figure of a motorbicycling gentleman prepares to mount his steed:


    Assuming the GPS did its stuff, JJ was heading up the Maroondah Hwy. So I guess we should stand by for an "Iffracem meets the Black Spur" post in due course!
  6. Got an SMS from him last night. He made it to Albury. Why the hell he decided to stay there is beyond me :twisted:
  7. .. 'cos if he rode up the Hume, which he would have had to do to get to Albury, he woud have been so heartily sick of riding by the time he got there, that he would have stopped if it had been three men and a dog :LOL:.
  8. Well, he's here!!! Rode the 'Cat up the driveway and into my garage about an hour ago, and he's been telling us that everywhere he's gone, it's rained :LOL:.
  9. Send him back, we need the rain down here.
  10. no no no - he's got to get to here......we need the rain too.......
  11. Yeah, I'm here in OFARC heaven!!!

    I was posting up a quick review of travels so far, but managed to hit the wrong key combo and lost the lot!

    So try again, but brief!

    Saw Mick, bloody inspired by that bloke! Didn't see Lenna and am sad for that, maybe next time?

    Left OFARC (southern) and headed for OFARC (mid north), filled the cat at Lilydale, reset the odometer and headed to one of the holy grails of Smelbourne sports bike enthusiasts... The Black Spur.
    It's pretty... got some windy bits... but way too many cars and silly sports bike riders (?) who have a habit of hanging their heads into my side of the road. So yep.. been there, done that........

    From there to alexandra, yarck, merton, bonnie doon, my old watering hole at maindample, mansfield, tolmie, whitfield, detour to wangaratta for fuel (me and the bike) milawa, myrtleford, mudgegonga, gundowring, barranduda wodonga, albury and where I used to live @ thurgoona to stay at a friends place. NYE BBQ, drinks, tall stories and bed late....
    up the next day and off to talgarno, thologalong, wysemans ferry (beached, no water!) khancoban, tom groggin dead horse gap, thredbo where it started to rain.. on and off. Jindabyne for a top up (petrol, food, coffee!) Then Cooma... Jeez, masses of tourists, three eateries is all thats open, one of them was bleedin Macca's.. chew n spew.. what's wrong with these NSW people??? long wait for "fast food" then out there!
    To nimmitabel, bega (looking greener now) tathra, narooma, batemans bay, ulladulla, and found a hotel in Nowra.

    Now typing this after a wonderful meal of "hornet roast chicken" :LOL:

    Pictures will come, once I get to a PC that I can comandeer for long enough to download them from the camera.

    After Jindabyne I didn't take that many, cos it's been raining a fair bit, if I keep riding the fairing makes it much more comfortable!!!

    Tomorrow it's head west young man, then north, bypassing sydney and getting to the nabiac bike Museum.
    Ta ta for now.

  12. keep comin north - and bring that rain with u..... :LOL:
  13. I think that he's sent it on ahead :)
  14. OK, folks, just had an SMS from JJ, he's in Brisbane, said it rained most of the way, and he as a large hole in his rear tyre. I'm sure he'll flesh that out when next he logs on, but at least he's at his destination and safe.
  15. He better PM me a postal addy so I can despatch the rugby DVD
  16. Right-ee-o I'm in the "sunshine state"... yeah, right :?

    while reading this, add "started to rain, then stopped", "wanted to put the wet weather gear on, but it was too hot, esp as the rain stopped as soon as I did, so bugger it, just kept going" pafter every sentence, cos that's what it did.

    From OFARC (mid-north), AKA the home of the battered Hornet, I headed around sydney to penrith, windsor, wasn't sure of the next step, putty? or bucketty/wollombi? are bugger it, went the putty!

    nothings changed there!, met a bloke on an MT01 heading the other way from Tamworth, having an absolute blast in the hills. Swapped observations on road conditions, ecilops, etc etc... then off again.

    Had a look around singleton, bit bigger than it was when I were a lad. And what about those open cut mines? they reckon forestry is bad! at least forestry cuts trees and replants them.. those buggers cut the trees and move all the dirt as well :shock:

    To dogong, nuffin special there, wanted to get to the nabiac museum so stuck on the freeway here, boring but fast(ish) got to nabiac about 5:00 ish and thought that would be OK, daylight savings and all... NOPE, they were shutting shop, come back tomorrow :?
    had a coffee, checked the map, thought, bugger it, I'll keep going, the museum will be there when next I come through, I'd heard wonderful things about the oxley hwy, it's ab out 130'ks north... back to the boreway for a sprint to wauchope, mmmm, love daylight saving time :wink:

    turn left and head west again young (old) man, by the gods this bike is a revelation, bloody comfortable, 4.5-5 litres / 100k's, with my fat 100+ kilo arse, and around 50-60kg's baggage!

    This road is awesome!!! starts of a bit easy, with sweepers and open country, but soon you hit the range, and a sign that says "winding road next 43 k's"

    FORTY BLOODY THREE K's :shock: :grin: :cool: :woot: :dance: :demon: :biker:

    I damn near had a chubby :p

    imagine 43 k's of your favourite twisty heaven, but bugger all cars, brilliant road surface, mainly wide verge, no gravel left on the surface, the "bear" says in his travel book that the road crew for the oxley are local bike riders, it could be true seeing the state of the road. There was also two huge RTA banners telling tintops to "look out for motorcyclists" :cool:

    The more I rode, the more mr chubby came awake, 15 k's in I was riding with a spare leg!! you MUST ride this road, before some beaurocrat stuffs it up. Only issue was the stereotypical ****ry boy in his ute, 45,000 watts of spotties, big arsed bullbar and bundy rum/rm williams "long horn" stickers. this guy with the ten gallon hat on the two pint head liked my side better than his. Thank goodness for the cornering and braking course I did last month, stood the cat up, lots of front and back brakes, down the gears, the finished off with feathering the back break to get around the corner before launching into the valley.. @rshole!! I reckon he heard every fooking word when I explained the shortcomings of his parentage thru the helmet. Thank you mr yamaha for putting huge 4 pot nissin callipers onto a 600cc bike.... [-o<

    needless to say, mr chubby disappeared :shock:

    the rest of that road was just sheer riding nirvana... I got to walcha around 8:00 pm, booked into a hotel and was seriously thinking of dumping the gear in the room and doing the road again :twisted: but nightfall & the potential for furry critters to do a "loz" on my fat arse convinced me to stay, besides, it's farkin raining again :cry:

    Next day, and it was still precipitating, I'm getting sick of the on again-off again rain, so mr chubby went back to sleep and I headed north to get the trip done, so to uralla, armidale (bloody nice place armidale) then wollomombi, clouds creek, 'n grafton. A bit of boreway to the place of my marriage, Evans Head/Woodburn. Then casino, kyogle, "the risk" green mountain, canungra. Had a delightful caramel mudcake and coffee there, then headed to boyland and jimboomba. 20 k's out, I went to overtake, but the bike didn't want to turn :? felt very weird.
    pulled over, back tyre flat as a tack :mad: break out the repair kit, fixed the split (or cut) but couldn't get enough pressure into it as one of the CO2 bulbs was a dud. 40kph back to canungra and the servo.

    stayed at 80-90 kph all the way into brisbane and my temporary home.
    Yes it was raining as I was fixing the tyre... :roll:

    next day, new tyre fitted :cool: I reckon I was lucky to do the trip with so few "incidents", 1 slimy truck, 1 "good ol boy" yokel, and a cut tyre.

    I'll sort some photo's later, for now a couple are up on Photobcket

    Now I gotta get back to the hard work of sitting on the deck, drinking cold ones and catching the breeze :p
  17. welcome to brissie iffracem...... :LOL:
  18. why thank you.

    now i need to meet some NR's, and find a house, before the mrs thinks it was all just an excuse for a ride to brissie :LOL:
  19. but if u're sitting on a deck?????? deck without a house?????????

    and i don't reckon u need an excuse to ride to brissie. so how long r u here for? and watcha doin while here?
  20. :LOL: He's moved up there to LIVE, Kezz! Brisbane Netriders are now blessed with the presence of the legendary JJ; enjoy :)