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Tas Motorcycle death

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by techno, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Yesterday the Tas Uylisses (sp?) club took a ride to Strathgordon in the South West. Local media reports an accident resulting in the death of a rider. The road was closed for four hours. Nasty stuff. Anyone on here no more about it?

    Last year I went on a ride with the Italian MC club on this route. There was also a fall but luckily no serious injury. In this case it was caused by gravel. From the media report it sounds like it may have been the same corner.

    Be careful out there!

  2. Ohhh, fu^%
    Got a mate in Hobart who was talking about going on that ride...
    Ta for the post, gotta call around...
  3. Finally caught up with everyone.
    Incl. someone who was at the scene.
    About 20km out of Maydena (towards Strathgordon).
    Rider known as non-competitive, non-aggro, riding an FJ12 in good to very good tech. nick. Used to live in Melbourne.
    Slightly ahead of the second/ slower group, no other vehicle involved.
    Nobody saw it happen directly, from the evidence there was no attempt of the rider having even tried to lean the bike into the lefthander, no marks whatsoever on the road indicating attempt at braking or dropping the bike before impact into the bank (rock-cutting). According to all indicators, the bike nearly made it to the top of the bank before sliding back onto the road. Rider was dead at the time his following riding-mates got to the scene.

    It's treated as suspicious and there will be an atopsy (possible heart-attack or similar before the accident).

    Farewell brother and keep that throttle wide-open up there...
  4. not good to here .
    wishes and thoughts are with riders and the family

    may heavens reeftons never have any dangerous bends

    Glen , nicky and boys