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[TAS] Manslaughter verdict on motorcyclists death

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Speedster guilty of north-west manslaughter

    A north-west Tasmanian man has been found guilty of manslaughter after a head-on collision in March.

    After a trial lasting more than a week, a Burnie Supreme Court jury found Lawrence John Doddridge responsible for the death of Yvette Sneddon.

    The court heard the 23-year-old was speeding and cutting corners, when his car collided head-on with Ms Sneddon's motorcycle on a blind crest of road at Stowport.

  2. So is manslaughter a greater or lesser sentence than culpable driving?
  3. it should be significantly greater. There is no option to fine and it carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. I don't know what the Tasmanian penalty is but the ACT it's up to 9 years jail for an aggravated culpable driving offence. Victoria I believe it's now up to 20 years

    In this case I suspect he'll cop a pretty stiff penalty. While it shouldn't make any difference, the rider killed was a 49 year old woman who was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing at the University of Tasmania.
  4. He is in soooo much trouble.

    Better go to gaol for a long, long time.
  5. There is only little difference between being charged for vehicular manslaughter and pleading a murder charge down to manslaughter whether its voluntary or involuntary...

    In serious shit & so he should be.........too much leniency in this sort of case normally. [-X [-X
  6. Well in my opinion he should get 10 years gaol and loss of licence for life.

    But whether he does is entirely a different matter ..

    I've seen some pretty lax sentences for motorcyclists killed on our roads .. it's almost as if the magistrates subconsciously factor in "since everyone knows that motorcycling is dangerous .... "
  7. Hit the nail on the head.......The magistrates regardless of state seem to be missing that vital link between their world/sentencing & reality. That is when I feel sorry for the cops after chasing these mongrels down, charging them & bringing them to "justice" only to have them walk out with a wry smile & a slap on the bloody wrist :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. To clear up the issue of the offence...

    The driver has been charged with (involuntary) manslaughter. There is no 'vehicular manslaughter'. Maximum penalty of 21 years imprisonment.
    Alternative charges could have been 'causing death by dangerous driving' (also 21 year maximum) or 'negligent driving causing death' (1 Year or 10 penalty units*).
    So there is a significant difference in potential sentencing outcomes. I don't think the driver will be sentenced lightly given the prior convictions and lack of remorse.
    Taken from here, where there is a further explanation of the various charges for those curious.

    *I think one penalty unit is currently $120 in Tas.
  9. What roh said - Vehicular Manslaughter/Homicide is the US offence. Too much Law & Order :LOL:

    From what I can gather you can be charged with either the general manslaughter offences, or the specific negligent/culpable driving offences, but not both (in Vic anyway.) Double Jeopardy kind of thing. In this case, for whatever reason, they have gone with the general charge.

    Another report here:
    The Advocate

    Apparently the guy has an awful record, including twice being clocked at 170km/h, once when on his Ps and limited to 80. Defence said he didn't remember them (seriously?) and that they "were "somewhat dated" and arose from Doddridge's "youthfulness"."

    Get f*cked. As if you wouldn't remember getting your license suspended 5 years ago. The only reason you would not remember it is if you did it so often that you couldn't distinguish one particular incident from the hundreds of others. Youthfulness my a*se, they were the result of his f*ckwittedness.

    Ban him for life, and lock him up for a good stretch to boot. Be interested to hear what he does get.
  10. He has been convicted of manslaughter over causing death by dangerous driving because, despite the same maximum penalty, it is considered a more serious offence.

    Taken from the Tas Law Reform paper I linked to:
  11. That accident happened only a couple of kms from our place........

    Unfortunaltey that corner is nortorious for cars cutting the corner.....

    The "defendent'' also did a runner from the accident too.

    It will be interesting to what sentence he will get.
  12. Looks like the magistrate got the right charge then. I only wish this was the rule, rather than the exception when it comes to using a car/truck to kill a pesky motorcyclist.

  13. :( :shock: :evil:

    FIVE years is the sentence...........THREE with non parol, which means he will be out in THREE years :eek:

    Also the judge has suspended his driver's licence for another three years

    Woop the F*#KING do
  14. Holy Crap!
  15. 5 years is above the mean, but from the available media coverage it still seems pretty light. I would have thought his horrendous record, lack of remorse and the fact he fled the scene would have called for a longer sentence.

    Very sad for the victim's nearest and dearest, and I hope they can find peace without vengeance.

    Story here.
  16. I think the only hope for proper sentences in this case is to refer all these types of crimes tyo a judge that has lost somebody dear due to a traffic accident, unfortunately all those judges usually get the case of the 1 off speeders and jail em longer than these killers :evil:
  17. Either there is more information in the case than we've been fed or the Tassie DPP should appeal his lenient sentence................

    I feel for the rello's & loved ones, its such a bloody slap in the face!!!!!!!!!!
  18. A google search reveals that there was once a page on the Supreme Court of Tasmania website that recorded the sentence and sentencing comments, but it is now 404.
    Does this mean that the matter is once again before the courts (ie: an appeal has been lodged/granted?). Where are our legal eagles?

    The now defunct page can be found here.

    EDIT: The page is back up, and explains the sentencing outcome. In summary - it is consistent with previous sentences.