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[Tas] Loz gonna be singing in Hobart on Friday night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Just thought I'd let the Taswegians among us know that the Suade lads and I will be doing a show at the Moonah Arts Centre (that seems so appropriate) in Hobart at 7.30 Friday night. Ten bucks to get in I believe.

    We don't really know anyone in town so it may be a rather intimate affair - but I can guarantee we always put on a riot of a show. So if you're looking for something to do, pop on down and fly the biker flag!

    We'll also pop up at various spots around town over the weekend, but Friday's our only proper show. IF you come down, make sure you say hi. I'm the ugly one.

  2. Time for the Tassie mob to stand up and be counted!. :)

    ummm...Did anyone warn the islanders that you were on the way down there, Loz...or is this a sneak attack, mate.. :LOL: :p

    Bewdie! :)
  3. Well there's been some radio and newspaper interviews and stuff lately... And I know a bunch of girls we sang to last weekend are driving 4 hours down from the NW coast to come see us again, so there'll be *somebody* there!

    It's some sort of festival for singers I think. We're flying the flag for "you don't have to sing perfectly to entertain."
  4. :LOL:
  5. Lifes a breaze in Moonah... Take it's the Festival of voices? Am working unfortunatley, so :applause: :woot: :applause: on my behalf
  6. Polar bear, do you know what great music you are missing out on?

    Hi Loz,

    Hobart town, the painful journey in our history, to freedom for many .

    Think that is why they must have so many twisty roads. More than any where else in OZ.

    Hope you have a warm coat and scarf with you!!!!

    Tassie pax are great and I am sure they will appreciate your band.

  7. How did ya go, mate? Was it a good one?
  8. The tassie trip was an absolute belter.

    We had one fifteen-minute slot in the festival lounge and one 20-minute ABC radio interview with which to promote our gig from a base of zero ticket sales. So we knew we had to give it everything we had. Our 15 minute taster set at the festival lounge went off like crazy, and we did the ABC interview with our pants around our ankles for some random reason, the presenter thought it was a hoot and it made for a good fun segment.

    And the night of the main show, 20 minutes out of Hobart city and on a freezing cold night, we sold out and somewhere close to 30-40 people were turned away. We found one woman in the half-time break standing outside under a ventilation grate listening, she'd nearly gone blue from the cold. We snuck her in through the side door. The show went ballistic, everything we hoped for and more.

    After that we just had to do a workshop (which sold out) and a 25-mnute spot in Salamanca place just before they lit a huge bonfire. I think there was between 3000 and 5000 people there, it was great - and then we finished up with another quick spot in the Festival lounge which absolutely cemented our place as the most popular act at the festival.

    It was proper rock star stuff, we were getting stopped for autographs and photos in the street, lots of pretty girls hanging around, free booze everywhere and we sold and signed an obscene amount of CDs, so we managed to salvage a good bit of money from what we were treating as a purely promotional trip.

    ..And then we learned that as quickly as Tassie giveth, it can taketh away. Our hire car was a Toyota Aurion V6 with sports mode tranny, what a fun big car to drive! I thrashed the living shit out of it between Mt. Wellington and Huonville, and when we stopped waiting for the others to catch up, there was so much smoke coming off the tyres and brakes that the boys thought the car was on fire.

    We left it parked in town on the final night after all our singing was done and went on a bit of a bender - and some c*nt kicked one of the rear panels in and smashed the taillight before we got there to take it back to the airport in the morning. So, with our $3300 excess, there goes a big chunk of any money we made from the trip.

    Still, it was such an awesome experience and audience builder for us that I reckon we'd have felt bad to be taking money from it anyway!
  9. Niiiiice!

    Way to go Loz. :)

    Bugger about the car. :|
  10. Goodonya Loz. Sounds like a lot of fun, but without a happy ending.
  11. wow, what a weekend you had.....really had your highs and lows.....but form the sounds of things you got more highs out of it then lows :)
  12. Good onya China

    treated like a rock star..
    free booze..
    dropping your daks..
    and flogging a Toyota.....isn't that a regular day at the office for you? :wink: :p

    Glad to hear you rocked :cool:
  13. Well I can't have it all, all the time, so I make sure that point #3 on your list is addressed thoroughly at every opportunity. :LOL:

    Tell ya what though, once the new record we're working on is finished, and we've trained up the new guy who's coming in to replace SammyQ, we're gonna have a proper crack at the USA, and having toured there a few times before with vastly less entertaining groups, I have every confidence that we'll be a huge hit on the vocal scene. There's something about this band that just seems to connect with most audiences in an amazing way. But can we crack the mainstream? I dunno. I guess it only takes one great song, dunnit?
  14. I guess you'll be looking for a masseur extraordinaire for your travels......pick me, pick me!!!!


    not because I want to look at your arse Loz....(not that it's a bad arse) ....but frankly I'd love a holiday.... :)
  15. Have a red hot go,Loz. It beats working.

  16. Dewd, what a bummer, probably some pissed off motorbike rider you passed at 180kmh, wrong side of the road, 2 wheels in the dirt, other 2 wheels in the air, brakes billowing steam, with yer ass cheeks hanging out the window :butt: as the colonel stears from the passenger seat, with you waving yer fist yellin Fred Gassit style" :soapbox: ged dout da way ya cahn, cant cha see tis a hire car I need ta be k'nin" Aint nothin cain like a hire car :grin:
  17. Hi Loz,
    Congratulations, I knew they would love your music, but as I said earlier.....

    Hobart town, the painful journey in our history, to freedom for many .

    Tassie does not change. That is why not many make it.
    Never has, never will.
    Bryce Courtney had similar hardships to you.
    Glad you did it.
  18. Yeah Su it's weird, I've spent the last 3 weekends in Tassie. All 3 have been absolutely utterly brilliant except for one thing. The first one, some bloke wanted to headbutt me. The second one, some bogan threw a chair at my brother for wearing a scarf. And then the hire car gets kicked in.

    One tiny random moment each weekend just to take the shine off what would otherwise be perfect. I wonder if it's just because we don't know which parts to avoid.