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TAS Looking for fellow riders North/North-West

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Kereaders, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Couple of us are looking for a few others to do regular cruises with. The catch is that a few of us are 80k's limited:biker: if your interested in coming along on one of our rides please inbox me.

  2. Hi there

    I'm on the North West Coast and looking for a group of L's & P plater to ride with as I'm on my L's.

    PM sent :)
  3. you guys may see an ex mainlander down that way soon, he relocating I believe not far from Lonnie
  4. I'm not getting out much at the moment, due to work and a new addition to the family, but i'll keep this thread in mind.

    [low] Speed doesn't bother me, I'll cruise with anyone.
  5. Goddie that would be me. I just moved to launceston yesterday so would like to meet up with some people from here to go for blats with so just pm me if anything is happening. the launceston to St Helens ride looks pretty fun
  6. When's the housewarming ( read crashing ) Pezza ?
    Bet you'd get a fair few vics over to come out n play with ya :D
  7. Well I got a few weeks before I start work here so anytime until then. Hopefully I'll get some decent saddle time. It's bloody hard to find any group rides in tassie tho
  8. It is. Through the twists be careful of the gravel. Cagers plow through there at high speed too (who can blame them?) for the fun of it, but unlike us they can cut the corners and inadvertantly cover the black in crap.

    Oh, and don't stick your head over the centre line on blind corners either, for the same reason :)
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