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[TAS] Learners riding Bigger Bikes Illegally.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by josh_182, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just talking with a few people who own bikes and know others with bikesand it seems to me that a lot of people down here in Tassie that are learners r crusing around on bikes that are not learner legal, the guY iwork with's brother is a P plater and owns and rides a CBR600 200 model and hasn't been pulled up at all. Just wondering if anyone in here who is a lerner rides a bigger bike illegally??

  2. It's the same thing as riding unlicensed.

    IE. no insurance.
    If you screw up - you wear ALL consequences and are ALWAYS at fault because you're not supposed to be there.

    Plenty of people do it.
    Doesn't make it a good idea.

    I don't think many people on these forums have done it/do it, for those reasons.
  3. I think there are quite a few that do it actually.
    I know of a friend that is still restricted but is riding a bigger bike.
    So as not to strain the friendship in the case of them taking me out on a ride, I have decided NOT to ride with them until they are off restrictions.
    I would hate to destroy a friendship due to me sueing them if they crashed into me.
  4. Not A Good Idea

    Just so I don't get cooked lol, I am not saying it is a good idea or supporting them, just curious :)
  5. bigger bikes

    There's alot of people who do it and of course it is illegal and you shouldn't do it :wink:
    Some learners upgrade to a bigger bike thinking it will help their skills having a heavier bike, bigger tyres etc but if they can't ride a 250 then they arn't going to be any better at a bigger bike.
    In saying that though I believe alot of people are very capable of riding bigger bikes well before their 'L' time is up.
    If they arn't absolute twits and don't unnecassarily endanger others and themselves then go for it.
    But of course if you get caught you'll cop the fine and have to trailer/push the bike home cause i can assure you if it's a traffic cop they'll expect you to ride off after sitting there for 5 mins and they will be waiting.
    it's not the bike that kills/maims someone it's the rider.... or the silly cager. :)
  6. Shortsightedness, IMO. From the grand old visage offered by being 43, that year or so on restrictions seems like nothing, compared to the potential for screwing up your whole life if you run into someone or something with no insurance (including the compulsory third party injury). Patience *is* a virtue.
  7. Eventually they will get caught. I was in hobart for a holiday not so long ago and I was aware you have to wear P plates there, however i was unaware of the 80km/h law for p platers. A cop pulled me over, i plead ignorance, showed him my qld license, explained the laws there (he thought they were practically the same accross the nation), and did a bit of yes sir no sir and got off of getting fined.

    I had been driving for a week or so by the time that i got there, so i must have just run out of luck that day :D
  8. :applause:

    try the search function, lest ye start yet another one of those threads
  9. damn button! :mad:
  10. The restrictions on your licence are iirc the ones that you need to obey... if you don't have to display p-plates, then it doesn't matter where in australia you are, you don't have to. At least that's what i thought :? correct me if i'm wrong though

    my brother got pulled over doing 110 (in a 110 zone, in NSW) because he had red p-plates on, but he has an ACT licence, so no speed restrictions... the cop was really annoyed he didn't get to book anyone :LOL:

    Probably didn't help the cop that the car is registered in NSW too

  11. To My knowledge you have to go by your own states law, since your an L plater in QLD and can do the legal speed limit, your fine anywhere else.
    BUt I might just be ignorant also :LOL:

    Oh and I guess i should reply about the topic :|
    I had intended on doing somehting similiar, although being fully licensed I am still restricted.
    Riding an RGV i found a few of the 250 4strokes I had ridden felt like buckets of puss. and thought I would not find a bike of my capacity I would be happy with without getting another 2stroker.
    Then i jumped on a mates Hyosung. I was very impressed for a bike that everyone see's as a budget bike.

    Hyosung GT > Kwakka GPX
  12. oops... double post! :oops:
  13. These people are idiots. Plain and simple. Why can't they wait? The amount of things I learned while riding a 250cc was invaluable. Just because you have a learners on a bike doesn't mean you go buy a Ducati 999 and play "let's see how fast I can go in a 60 zone". You are better off waiting and learning all the skills that are necessary to eventually ride on a bigger bike. Some people think they are invincible and think "that will never happen to me", your ego needs to be deflated, maybe the hard way.
  14. What about those poor people that have to travel 140km's one way to work? With at least 40% of that in peak hour traffic, that don't notice the near-silent 250 buzzing away next to them.
    Try doing that on any 250 for 12 months.

    That being said, I'm doing something similar on my CB250.

    Edit: 140km's != 240km's.
  15. In Tassy & QLD, it's called Population control.

    In Sydney it's called "fully sick"

  16. What about them? They are more likely to be hit (being in/near traffic) than people riding "here and there". They are still foolish for doing so, if not more foolish than people who ride illegally sparingly.
  17. Hi,

    Just because you don't obey the restrictions doesn't mean you are an idiot. I had my L's 3 times with a 250 for the full 15months each and didn't do the P's just because of circumstance each time. I have therefor done more hours and Kms on the 250 than many others on 1000cc's. i am on my P's and ride a bike bigger than allowed......i have done over 50,000km on my 250's....

    Am I an idiot....

    There are circumstances where the law is an ass.

  18. not really as simple as some people put it. i brought the storm before i got my gold because it was exaclty what i wanted at a very good price. now ive still got about 2 months to go now. am i going to leave the storm in the corner, allowing the carbs and fuel lines to deteriorate, and allow the exhaust and cylinders to rust? of coarse i am :roll: and yes i did look into putting it into storage, but it would have cost me a shit load, and was well and truely beyond my means at the moment.
    so far as experiance goes, again you cant paint everyone with the same brush. ive done every sort of riding on the vtr 250, including long distance touring (1500kms in 2 days) and quite a bit of dirt road riding on it aswell. and in the now almost 16 months ive had it done well over 30000kms. and no i dont want a medal, and i not calling myself a gun rider by any stretch of the imagination. but its not as simple in real terms as what the law paints it, although it is of coarse still illegal.

  19. The laws are produced to account for the lowest common denominator. In this fashion, it was also produced in the middle of last century!
    250cc bikes have come a long way since the 60's and 70's and are comparable to old style 500cc+.

    Saying that I concur that the restrictions method as current is probably not the best around.

    I agree with the following:
    - People need a minimum of 3 years 'roadcraft' exposure, albiet car or bike. After this period, one is free to drive most vehicles.
    - Those who have over 3 years, need only sit tests to drive/ride specific classes of cars/bikes legally. This means if you are over 25, have driven since 18 and have a good record, you can get a bike licence to ride say a 250cc striaght away. Then to get a bigger bike all you need do is have say the three months skill building time, attend courses and sit a big bike test (effective then immediate).
    - What I think need to be then implemented is superbike course that allows you to ride say, r1's, fireblades, gixxers etc. But you could do it back to back with the other courses.

    The reason for this is simple. People all have different skill and aptitue levels.

    Example: I sat for my commercial and jet conversion pilot's course some years ago. Besides numbers of hours flown, there was no requirement for 12 months etc etc. It was based on your own ability to cope with and control the aircraft, while obeying the rules of flight and navigation.

    This ment that several people with many years and great flying skills could simply not fly jets! Just didn't cut it.

    I am sure that there are people out there who just sit a licence course, buy nothing for two years, then go get an R1!
    Where as someone riding for 6 months everyday, with a small bike, goes and gets a 1000, and is very well prepared.

    Makes more sense to have a course and a test, if you want to step up to the big boys and girls.