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Tas - Learners & P1 riders group, anyone interested

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ScorpioPete, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Tas - Sundays - Learners / New Riders

    Hi all

    Firstly, I would like to acknowledge NetRider member Jules aka uncosnail for his original Victorian "Sundays - Learners / New Riders" thread that has lead to this thread being started :applause:.
    This looks like an excellent format and one that should suit Tassie Sunday - Learners / New Riders as well.

    Are you looking for a few Tassie Learner & P1 riders or just need a slower ride for a change of pace? - This group may suit you (Pending we get enough interest)[/B] I se e a huge number of riders getting about Tassie but no word on their rides anywhere? Hopefully, this thread may offer Tassie riders a chance to get together? :D

    PURPOSE: For Learners/New/ & Cruisey Riders to have fun on a group ride

    WHEN: Most Sundays. I have every weekend off so very happy to organise a few rides.

    TIME/MEET POINT: Meet point and time will change depending on destination as Tassie's population spread over a larger demographic than say Vic or NSW. Will mainly be a 9.30am meet for 10.00am departure. Check the thread.

    RIDES: expect a class two to three (beginner to intermediate). Rides will be a mixture of shorter rides and longer rides (you should be home before dark) and a slower pace than Saturday rides, but still at posted speed limits. Ride is lead by any one who would like to lead, but just remember it is a learner ride, so the faster you ride, the longer you have to wait on corners. LOL ) There will be plenty of stops.

    WHO: Learners/New Riders/New to Group Rides and those who are after a more cruisey ride, or anyone who wants to go for a ride. Maybe those who are not sure if a they are up to the Saturday ride (Level 3) standard and want to try it out. Anyone and any type of bike/scooter/pillion can come along. Any one interested in leading, mentoring, corner marking and Tail End Charlie, are also especially welcome. Tail End Charlies will be rotated throughout the day.

    For those who are more experienced and those on bigger bikes this ride may be a bit more of a sedate pace than what you are used to. Your licence points should be safe on these rides.

    Be on time at the meet point with a full tank of fuel.

    HOW-TO/ETIQUETTE: Corner marking system will be used and explained to you on the day. There is a really good sticky thread here on Group Riding. https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides
    Above all else always ride your own ride and be safe and considerate of other road users including your ride buddies.

    For some basic cornering, get started advice, check this out. https://netrider.net.au/forums/sh...d.php?t=111791

    Four bike lengths (Minimum) are required between you and the bike in front of you. Ride in staggered file so you can see past the bike in front of you. The Bike in front of you has the right of way, give them plenty of space if you want to overtake. Do not pass on corners. If you have a faster rider behind you, ride in the left wheel track of the road, when it is safe to do so, to let them pass. Eases the pressure on you and them. Ride at your own pace even if it is slower than every one else, we will wait for you. If any of the regulars want to lead a ride, or want to make an amendment to the ride route posted, feel free. Suggestions and ideas for future rides are welcome.

    See you Sunday!
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  2. Tasmanian Pink Ribbon ride day (Ulysses club Tas)
    Pink Ribbon Ride to C/Town on the 21st of October

    The Ulysses Club North West Tasmania are organising a Pink Ribbon day ride. Depart Bells Parade, Latrobe 9:45 sharp via Deloraine, Westbury & Longford, meeting up with Tourers about 11am at Longford.

    Where: Bell parade, Latrobe

    When: Depart 9.45 - most likely meet 9.30am

    The Sunday could meet the other Pink Ribbon riders groups at Cambelltown?

    If you're interested please post a confirmation just so we know what numbers we have to make this work.
    Cheers, Pete
  3. good idea. I only just moved here, I see heaps of riders but no group rides on any of the forums. Hopefully this will take off.
  4. Hi mate

    Yeah, I see lots of groups out and about so hopefully NetRider can bring a few groups together to share there ride info or else Tas will continue to ride as fringe groups.

    Tas does have its limitations with only 500 000 people spread over 3 main demographic areas in an area 1/4 the size of Victoria. Victoria has 5.5million people with 75% living close to/in Melbourne.

    Here's hoping we can bring a few groups together

    Cheers, Pete
  5. anything happening in Hobart anytime soon?

    I'm on a postie but its a 125 and capable of doing the maximum of 80 easily. Won't keep up I think beyond that though...
  6. Hi Mate,

    Unfortunately, it seems impossible to get Tasmanians together for a group ride. Most likely, because we are such a small population and spread over a vast piece of Island.

    To answer your request,
    We've had no rides or enough interest to get anything up and running.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you may need to find a group in hobart or get out and ride solo.
    Cheers, Pete
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    Last edited: May 19, 2013
    That's sad guys, you have such magnificent riding country. I would say persist, even if the first rides are 2 people. Set a day you are going to ride every week a set meeting place and time and just turn up.

    Surely you should be able to get one going in Hobart to start with. Build it and they will come.

    Try THIS link to see if you can find any like riders. Put up flyers in the bike shops advertising the fixed day informal ride.
  8. my biggest problem here is I work shifts at the railways, so I can't commit to anything regularly. I'd be keen on riding with people fairly regularly though. Great country to ride through, even my daily commute is speccy.
  9. Well that's an added difficulty, hope you can sort out some kind of contact network. It is fun riding in a group.
  10. Get on the TasMR forum, all local then :)
  11. im only scanning this... but where's the meet point?
  12. Is this dead in the water? My girlfriend has recently got her licence and wouldn't mind doing some more riding.
  13. Interested, although in a few weeks time I'll be out of the country for three months.
  14. Cool, you're located south, stefank? My significant other is down in Sorell, I am too most weekends but I work up at Devonport.
  15. Yes, I'm in Lenah Valley. Sorell wouldn't be to bad a place to meet up to go for a ride, or maybe Richmond?
  16. I've not the slightest idea about good roads around Hobart, aside from the run from the highway to Sorell via Colebrook and Campania is a wicked bit of road.

    Rose has only had her licence about a week, so she is still working her way up to decent length rides. (Me not so much, haha. I rode from Dev to Sorell last Thursday night after work, and left Sorell to ride back to work on Monday morning lol)
  17. I did quite a bit of practice between Brighton & Richmond, heading up to Colebrook sometimes. Quite nice roads with not too many cars.
  18. When are you AWOL, stefank? A few weeks might be a bit short notice to get anything sorted, but we may be able to organise something once you're back?
  19. I'll be back about the 17th or 18th of July. We can sort something out then.