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Tas Learner Ride Sat 15th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by RazoRR, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Any riders from Tas on their L's wantiung to go for a ride on Sat the 15th sometime after 12? Not sure where we can go but we can figure it out. If anyones interested let me know Cheers,

  2. I could be up for a ride on Sat, although BOM says showers and a high of 23.

    Maybe check the weather closer to the day and we could do the usual meet outside Joes ?
  3. Well im hoping the weather people are wrong again lol but yeh i will post a yes or no on friday or early sat morning. What type of bike you ride?
  4. If its a nice day I might come along.... I have only just got my L's thought, Im talking 2 days ago!
  5. Welcome Hordo.

    Not sure of my weekend plans yet. I have been known to ride slow sometimes
  6. Not to mention think slow........ :LOL:

    I could be up for a ride then.
  7. HAHAHA well it doesnt matter how long you had your L's so your more than welcome, My firend and Myself are also still on our L's so thats kewl. Sounds like we could have a few of us now which would be nice. Not sure were we can ride to as i did the richmond scence last week as i 4got the to run was on... :oops: i work nights so leave me alone lol. What you ride HORDO? smack and techno...do you guys ride ducati's?

    Iv also asked a few guys from the fzr250 forum 2 come along as i ride an fzr
  8. Yup. Its says so down here somewhere
  9. I got a suzuki across - mainly for storing training gear (footy)!

    Sounds pretty good to me I'll try and keep up lol
  10. Keep up? No way mate, your ride, you lead :shock:
  11. Thats sound good, no one will get left behind mate, apart from smack and techno we are all learners so they will get bored staying with us lol it should be fun. Well we should meet @ joes round 12 on sat as i got get a few hours sleep after work. Sound ok by every1? Any ideas on where people would like to go, my friends and i will basically go anywhere so mayb if we have a chat 4 and introduce ourselves we can figure out where we will ride to. Sound ok lads?

    Well smack or techno, ducati's are my fav so would you mind if i got a few pics and drooled abit? :grin: Im hoping to grab a 996 when i can, mised out on 1 the other day 4 13k.
  12. Ok the weather seems to be ok today and im really hoping tomoz will be fine also. So if it looks like a good day tomorrow (Sat 15th) then i say we should meet @ joes round 12? That sound good to everyone? I will post here in the morning anyway giving my opinion of the weather and if we are still on. I hope its a good day though as im looking foward to getting some ride time.

    Hopfully catch you guys tomorrow :cool:
  13. I should be good to add one to the numbers tomorrow till about 2.30. BoM now says morning showers clearing, max 23.
  14. im not a learner, but ill be along at 12 also, more the merrier
  15. Someone's gotta look after them. Make sure you have your toolkit too, looks like there'll be two Ducs along as well. :LOL:
  16. toolkit....yes
    chiropractor for nate who sits upright on his sportsbike will be needed also
    :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Why the tool kit?

    Ya gotta fix up your bike a bit to keep up? :LOL:
  18. Well seeing as theres a ride happening i might join in too, gotta do some christmas shopping first.
  19. Well i dont mind who comes, aslong as you fully licenced guys don't mind sticking with us lil learners lol we can never have to many duc's mate. Well say 12 @ joes then guys unless its raining or looks like it will rain, hopfully well cya all there
  20. seems alright, ill pop along, see who turns up
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