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[TAS] Hobart to Launceston, via East Coast, Sat Nov 10th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: darklightBoy

    Leaving Sorell around 10:00am, head north via Swansea, St Marys. Stop at St Helens for lunch, back into Launceston via Scottsdale. Stops to be determined based on riders/fuel.

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  2. So with the weather getting warmer, who's joining me on my day trip? :grin:
  3. I've been meaning to get up to St Helens for a while. Count me in for at least that far. Unless something else stops me going in the meantime.
  4. I have to be at work by 1715, count me in. Gotta see this new Mmmmmonster
  5. I'm in, part of the way at least.
  6. new monster? Techno hasn't finally got his own bike has he?
  7. Not yet, but he's seriously working on it.

    I'm going to Melb on Wed so planning to see some then.

    Stay tuned :LOL:
  8. The god squad has posted a ride to Poatina on the same day. Mebbe we should consider combining, although I don't do 9am starts.
  9. Tis a possibility, although their ride pace is quite...sedate. And being an overnight ride for them they may plan on taking the whole day to go up. I'll email them and find out.
  10. interesting, any idea wat time u will be coming back from launie ? i pick the bike up from devonport at roughly 11-12ish and with no number plates should be a very slow ride back :LOL: :LOL:

    but just interested cause my mate will be in his car but he wants to do windy good roads so he will be tagging along and just interested cause i will try schedule it so i run into you guys! let me know!
  11. I'm guessing if we leave Sorell about 10, it'll be 1-ish when we hit St Helens. So mid-afternoon into Launceston for those that go the whole way. I'm staying in Launnie overnight, not sure where/when the others will head back south.

    At least the Duc's should have a support vehicle on the way back! :LOL:

    ** OI! No abusing mod priveliges cause your bike's unreliable :p **
  12. Spot on, i tagged along for their Nicholls rivulet ride last week (it was slower than when i got stuck behind a police car going through there) and they are doing an overnighter, staying at poatina.
  13. if my mate follows me back he sure till have the Skyline Support vehicle... even this is a shit ride, cause its got really farken stiff teins and a bloody loud exhaust!!

    Those from hobart have prob heard or see it kicking around hobart! R33
  14. Hmmm. May not be up for this after all. Might be riding a new bike back from the Spirit in Devonport that day if all goes well. :grin:

    I'll post up again to let you know if I'm in or out.
  15. Techno, u might as well ride back with me, i pick up my ZX-9R from the spirit of tas on Sat 10th!!
  16. Oh..g-string boy---how excitement!!

    Have you got a new bike?

    mebbee we will see you on this ride? :grin:

    Tell us more?
  17. Looks suspiciously like a TG post, last time I leave the room when I'm logged on and let her near my comp!

    at least she didn't post about me being gay!
  18. didn't think that sounded like you. :LOL:

    Stay tuned for more details
  19. Well I'm sorry to say folks, in an extremely sucky turn of fate (and an a$$hole oil trail), I won't be able to do this trip after all. If you guys still do it, make sure you take some nice pics for me :(
  20. Bugger mate, better buy you a beer at Joe's.