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[TAS] First Weekend of the Month Ride

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, May 29, 2006.

  1. HI this is an open invite to all TAS and visiting netriders to come for a ride on the first saturday of the month. There weren't any regular scheduled rides so I though about starting one.... SO here is the first ride MAP!:


    We (if there is more than just me on the first one) will be leaving the JOES GARARGE carpark at 10ish, heading out to do the Loop. The loop goes over Wellington, thru to Huonville where we stop off for coffee and fuel. Then out around the cape which is one of the best coast roads avaliable here in TAS.

    Where we start is easy to find, ITS IN MARKET PLACE OFF MAQUARIE!

    Plus its away from salamanca and the tourists! so we should be able to get a clear run through town. Meeting up well ID wise I ride a yellow TT600.

    STARTS AT 10am

    Nice. The calender died on us... :p

    damn that was cold. FUN, but cold... the trip past the mountain turnoff was fun. You could actualy see the sun on bruny Island if you weren't concentrating on the wet roads... The switchbacks and vistas were great untill the sandfly turnoff. RAIN stopped play in Huonville but banjo's was warm...

    Heading out of Huonville it was rain and road muck till cradock and then patchy wet dry twisties until kettering... OH BTW the cost for the ferry is $11 for motobikes to bruny island. The road sort of bores out by comparison to cygnet woodbridge section untill you get to Kingston - hobart leg. This is a stretch of targa tas track and oh so fun in second and third...

    Next map wil be posted on 19.06.06 for the next ride... if anyone has some suggestions I'm all ears till then stay rubber side down...
  3. WOT!! you went past my place and didn't drop in??
    Lucky you didn't cos I was probably at work anyway, like I have been nearly every waking moment lately :evil:
    tip for young IT type workers... NEVER get a job in an IT department where the IT manager is a qualified Marine Biologist :shock:

    That trip is actualy better the other way round, (clockwise), you keep and the coffee and sticky date pudding at the "schoolhouse cafe" in Cygnet are incredible!!!

    For a change, (going clockwise), turn right at the Oyster Cove servo/shop (near where my GPX750R come to an untimely end) and head over the top to Cygnet, not as scenic, but OMG the Twisties are AWESOME (take it easy in Winter tho, lots of moss on the road)

    Those with "adventure sports" or who don't mind a bit of gravel (and snow in winter) turn right at the Cradoc road to Pelverata... MMMM more twisties, then turn right at the Sandfly road to Margate, or better, left and follow Ward-4E's map over Ferntree.

    That's all my "backyard", aren't I a lucky bugger :LOL:
  4. :) Oh, Dont get shirty at me If I DIDNT KNOW where you live... :LOL: next time i'll drop in..

    Well the next ride is coming up soon any place you want to go JJ? There is bound to be a few short rides we could do say grass tree hill to richmond for lunch and round thru sorrell? Oh and a new girl kicking around TWINGIRL i think... we should pm her and see if she wants to come... :wink:

    Dam i miss tassie. Im so over sydney to many cars and shot!!! Miss going to Joes and getting parra on a friday night.

    I'll hvae 2 give you tassie guys a shout when i come home and take the mc22 out or the rg250.

    Hope uz are having fun guys

  6. why PM twingirl? just get yer arse down to Joes and say G'day!!!!
    I think her bike arrives soon, then it'll be tour guide time :grin:

    In winter I tend to go all ad-hoc, make up my mind about a ride and where to go once I work out the weather, seeing the forecasts are so damn accurate and all (NOT!) Trying to plan a ride ends up with ..
    A. nobody showing cos they think it'll rain/be cold/snow/nobody else will show.
    B. it does actually rain/be cold/snow :?

    Was going to Symmonds on Saturday, but I'm not risking the bike and my neck on a slim chance the weather will be OK.

    Richmond is over-rated, too many tourists.
    GrassTree is good, although slippery this time of year.
    Might just do the channel loop agsin if it turns out fine, that way I can be a lazy sod and start/finish from my garage :LOL:

  7. Damndamndamndamndamn.......
    What's this organising rides when my bike isn't here yet??!! :)
    Soon I will have my precious here with me...and then I can come out to play!!! HEHE
    Short rides for me in winter for me I'm afraid...yes I am a sook who feels the cold!! :(
    As soon as the beast hits the shore here, I'll come along on these rides!..:)
  8. AHHA the old stomping ground. Just a tip next time head to dover as the road between there and southport is evil and the climb over glendevie hill has got two of the best corners in the country :wink:
  9. yeah, further south is good Tazman, better for an extended run IMHO

    now they've sealed the road from Geeveston to the Tahune airwalk thats a must do trip as well.. mmmm young, sticky blacktop wiv extra corners... :p
    just gotta watch out for the bloody tourist busses using both sides of the roads :mad:

    Best thing about Tassie, twingirl.. there's a road worth riding close to everywhere :cool: get up on Sat/Sun morning, weathers good... go for it. :biker:
  10. ah excellent. that answers the question i asked in another thread about whether the love of your life made it there yet. nice piece of anticipation, thx :wink:
  11. meanwhile :worthlesspics:

    show us your pickies!!!!!
  12. Will do carri, I'm taking a camera next time... I'll stop for a photoshoot on some awesome ridge... Get JJ to pose :LOL:

    I think We will wing this one as JJ said. So saturday the first of JULY :shock: where has the year gone???? We will meet up at the bike rack in Salamanca say 11ish that gives people enough time to wakeup and check the weather, grab a coffee... plus if it was crap overnight thr roads will be dryish by then... and return to salamanca or somewhere else warm for a pizza... :wink:

    If its a sunny day my other half will be coming too, I bought her a silk balaclava.... now she's all excited about riding again... :roll: wuss... :LOL:
    Twingirl... IF you beast doesnt arrive by next month I'll definatley take you one up on the back if you want...
  13. So they sealed the road to the airwalk, I know where Im going when I come over next. I used to have much fun on that road and the best thing was you didnt need to touch a main road to get there. Many police chases on the bike and in the buggy but it was loads of fun :wink:
  14. Tahune is hard top... and i drove it to do the walk in teh rav4... and cried... beautifl switchbacks off tamacy goodnes... and i'm in a soccor mum 4wd...
  15. Satdee morning looks good according to www.bom.gov.au.

    Where we goin?

  16. well you turn up.. I'll bring the map and we will pick a road over a coffee... I'll bring a camera too so we can show the northerners what their missing..

    I'll post a ride report later with a map...
  17. salamanca @ 11 on satdee is NOT a good idea for a starting point!
    bloody tourists and "australia's longest running open air market" take up all the best parking spots :LOL:

    we heading East? then I suggest Banjo's @ Sorrell, or outside the Pub @ Richmond

    West? Banjos @ Kingston Channel court, oposite the BP. Or Bajo's Margate, again oposite BP, or my place, no where near a BP :wink:
    (not really a fan of Banjo's, it's just that the buggers have bought out all the good meeting place coffee shops)

    North? dunno, don't stop off for coffee often when I head that way :? maybe the bakery @ Brighton?

  18. Yeah i hear you... I just thought the bike rank was a good kicking off point as its free parking and easy access to major higways... plus kransky and coffee... mmmm...

    OK JJ lets nut out a ride...North is the milton-mobray bothwell new norfolk loop? the only con is there maybe black ice up there this time of year.

    east is the penninsula ride.... loop? start at sorell banjo's?
  19. Thanks for the offer Ward_4e....but if my beast isn't here by next months ride...there will be some crying, stamping of feet, throwing of objects...and anything else usually associated with a huge hissy fit.......:))
    I am due to go and get my baby Fri 14th...so I will be all set for the first ride in Aug...tho.. I'm tipping I will be out and about way before then!:)
    Don't worry..you lot will be the first to know when I have my bike back! Actually, so will Matt coz everytime I have been to the garage, he keeps asking me where my bike is...I think he may be starting to doubt wether or not I really have one...:))
  20. yeah i know I wouldnt ride with me unless i had too :) ... JJ can vouch for this...

    .. mmm sounds like classic withdrawal syndorme to me... you need a ride bad... If i was seperated form my TT for a week month I'd go mad with worry... sorry i just made it a little worse didnt ...


    The 1st of the month this is really because I get paid once a month and it would be great if we could all ( me and my multiple personalities) go for a ride at least once a month... But there allways is mid month... i'm usualy itching for a nother ride then.. When you bike arrives it will be awesome just hit the coffee night posting!!!! mmm pizza... beer... joes... mmMMn the idea is great but going has illuded me for the last four months!!!