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[Tas] Channel loop Sun Dec 24

Discussion in 'Other States' started by smack, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Meet at Joe's for a noon departure. Let's rub it in to JJ about the roads he's leaving :p

  2. What can I say...

    YA B@ST@RD!!!
  3. Nah, you'll enjoy the move. After all, there is many good reasons for you going.

    You do it cos it's right
  4. :? Since when did you two start being nice to each other... :LOL: :LOL:

    JJ will be mucho missed......he makes sure we all drag our carcasses into the bar once a week to catch up, talk sh*t and hang it on each other... :LOL: :LOL:

    Looking forward to the ride...see ewes at Joes 12pm Sunday...

    The question is...with Techno be my biatch... :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. mmm TG's Biatch..... mmmmm
    mmm TG in leather... mmmm

    ooo, 'scuse me, I need a moment alone 8-[ :oops:
  6. I thought you weren't feeling yourself today :shock:
  7. Was a bloody good ride. Bit wet on the way home. Hopefully my gear will be dry by the time I head home from work. I do hope it keeps raining, we sure as shit need it.

    I'd like to smack the radio jocks that say it's bad that it's raining on christmas day, ucken fidiots!

    Merry Christmas you lot.
  8. Excellent ride!!

    thanks for joining in, pity TG's biatch chickened out, maybe it was the miniskirt and suspenders that her had to wear that turned him off :LOL:

    All the best for Christmas and catchya's later.

  9. bloody hell it was wet and windy at 10.30 on the way home. Blew the tankbag off!
  10. Glad I didn't use it as designed then :wink:
  11. Yeah thats right. I'm nobodies biatch!

    Would have liked to be on the ride though. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
  12. Hey! Not just anybody gets to be MY Biatch I'll have you know.. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
    I don't offer the SP to anyone you know....of course you do..no-one is allowed to even look at the precious!!

    Twas a great fun ride thanks you lot...loved the nichols rivulet Road...and the convict serving the coke in the bar... :shock:
    Great coffee and cake at JJ's......pity the rain hit before Smack and I could get to cover.....oh well...all dry now....
    :grin: :grin:
  13. RAIN!! RAIN!!!

    All it's bleedin done since I left Victoria is steenkin RAIN!! :mad:

    Anyways, now you know the way, no excuses for not riding now Miss Piggy. :LOL: Don't forget to drop and say g'day to my cheese 'n kisses if you do tho.

    Just your kinda ride TG, you go from Joe's (drinks) up to Cascade brewery (drinks) to Ferntree pub (yup, drinks) to the International pub at Longely (you guessed it, drinks served by a convict) then to the riverside pub at Hoonville (drinks), the Cygnet pub (drinks), via Nichols rivulet to the Snug Pub (drinks) and home via the Margate pub (drinks).
  14. Ahhh, my favourite roads, pubs aren't bad either - I did them over when I was down - almost same pot-holes (with a few new ones), same 'things' to watch out for around the tighter bends etc etc - I try to do them every year when down there - the trip feels incomplete unless I don't do my old home roads :)
  15. Edited out the boring bits. I think TG and me are sort of..........thirsty?
  16. Know the feeling JJ... was sooo looking forward to the ride home just before Christmas and then had wind and rain all the way - damn and blast!

    I will endeavour to take the RR down to Hobart next week and then we can organise some 'semi-regular' rides in the next few weeks/months.

    Hope you arrive in Brissie safely and are settling in well, the ride mentioned sounds like just the thing for TG and I and anyone else who is around to do one evening after work if I get the RR down south next week? Any possible takers and if so which night?
  17. I think we all know I love a drink or so...but never when I'm on the bike......I park it first!

    Nah..I don't agree with drinking and driving/riding......but twas a seriously good ride..just no drinkies...but that's OK...I've made up for it since! :LOL: :LOL: