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[TAS] Channel Loop (short notice)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Iffracem, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. I'll be doing the loop tomorra (12th), join in if you want to.
    Just a quick, simple jaunt from Margate to Cygnet, then back "over the top" via Nichols rivulet to Oyster cove.

    Leave Banjo's in Margate bout 10-10:30 am.

    Sorry for the late notice.
  2. Slackarse. I have to go watch a few workmates do the Traithlon at 7 mile beach at 10am.

    Good news is all the wiring on the Sr is done, and all it needs is a batttery to be a going concern.
  3. w00t!! :dance:

    You gunna start commuting on it?
  4. You silly twat leaving the state. The SR500 club is doing a 2 week lap in March.
  5. [IMG:35:40:140a745989]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y131/iffracem/misc/icon_Upyours_.gif[/img:140a745989]

    Those old dungers!!
    be lucky to lap Bruny Island :cheeky:
  6. What say you fly back down ahd share the riding/support vehicle duties. Ute needs a run
  7. Damn!!!

    That is short notice. I actually went on this ride and didn't see this post to now.

    Nice road over Nichols rivulet but a bit on the slow side due to a ute taking up the road. Was faster than the winnebago I got stuck behind outside Cygnet though. Those things are so wide you can't see round them.

    Only JJ and I answered the call. Everyone else was enjoying there Sunday some other way.
  8. sure...

    you buying the ticket?
  9. That is a beaut road in the dry, sure gunna miss those roads 2 minutes from my back door :(

    Worse thing about that ute was the steenkin unburnt diesel from the exhaust... haven't they heard about cleaning the air filter in Tas? (and we were very cautious, don't want another broken back on netrider :( )

    ah well, it's daylight saving time, once the weather breaks I'm back out on that road again.. and again.. and again...................
  10. It's raining
  11. No doubt about you Smack.........

    A rocket scientist :roll: