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[TAS] Baskerville Track Day, Sun Apr 1st

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: DonDock

    When: Sunday April 1st

    Where: Baskerville Raceway

    Who: For riders all all levels, just for a day of fun.

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  2. So tassie folk, who is planning to come out on this day?

    Personally I am hanging out for it :grin:
  3. Hmmm, I'll have to check the roster, but I could be tempted.
  4. Hmmmm..perhaps.....wazitcost??
  5. As far as i remember, it cost me just $65 for the membership and day licence because on that day i thought i wouldnt be back, but for my mates who did the full sign up it cost around $125 maybe
  6. well as much as i didnt want to go today it was insane, i have never riden my bike so hard...
    did any of the other net rider members go out today?
  7. Hey DonDock

    If you enjoyed the day, sign up with the SCRT, they're a good bunch who organise them.

    Most of them are at Joe's on Tuesdays if you can get there.

    Also, Matt (the man behind Joe's) runs "private practice sessions" for about $50 occasionally, like a track day, just not official. (can get hectic tho, not as formally run :wink:)

    You can also ring up and use the track for "private practice" anytime it's not being used for club events $110 for joe bloggs, $50 for SRCT club members, that includes members of MA "riders division". Ring the caretaker, or drop into the caretakers house at the track

    Baskers is a hoot!, better than Symmonds IMHO, bit rough, but definitely more fun.

  8. Indeed it is a bit rough, that left hander out of the S bends you have to go wide right otherwise you hit bumpy stuff which can throw me right off..
    Not my fav corner...
    Was a bit disappointed I could only get 205kms down the back straight, i think i need to come into it in a lower gear