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[TAS] Baskerville Public Track Day, Sun Jan 20th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: DonDock

    Track Day Baskerville Raceway Sunday 20th January

    Ride Days are run in sessions. Groups are determined by experience and machinery.
    1. Novice - for riders new to the track and for riders who enjoy a slower pace.
    2. Intermediate - for faster riders...

    ... more

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  2. Well im looking for to this, seems to be very lacking in interest by everyone else though :p
  3. I'll say a probable yes (depending on finances).
  4. Ill pass on this one I think, the whole due for a service, and membership renewals and tyre issues is a bit of a downer for me.
  5. Both Ducs need a service so no taking them there, but the Yammie needs running in. Emmech is a day ride cost for an non member?
  6. no member ships at all will cost about $140-160 for the first time out but that inc 12 month membership otherwise its about $110-120 for the one day
  7. • Join the SRCT, annual membership is $40.

    • Get your Motorcycling Australia Recreational Licence.
    If you have a current motorcycle licence from any Australian
    State you only need to fill in the application form and pay
    the annual fee of $80 or the one day fee of $25.

    • Sign Up, fill in and sign an indemnity form and pay the track
    fee of $45,( this fee is waived for your first time ).

    So your first Ride Day will cost about $65 or $120 all up, & other
    Ride Days will cost $45 (+ $25 if you need another one day licence).
    Please note: all prices are subject to change without notice
  8. That's about the annual cost for rego on the SR. We'll see.
  9. Pppfft!

    I paid for an MA rec licence about 4 years ago. I've still not received anything from them. Bloody slackers.
  10. The MA licence only lasts for a year unfortunately, then you need to pay for a new one.
  11. My point is they took my money and I didn't even have a bit of paper to show for it. Maybe they have got their act together since then.
  12. would love to coem and test out the new suspension, but i will be working!

    Hope u guys have a blast tho!
  13. Just Moved here

    G'day all....Ive just moved here from melbourne.....and REALLY ejoying the twisties....(some of the surfaces area little rough though)..For that price I'd be mad not to come along.....Ride days at Philip island are $300+
    Hope to meet a few ppls to go riding with over the weekends (That is if you not embarased to ride with smart arse on an old 81GSX)
    Hope to see a few of ya's there
  14. Noooooo, it's a local track, for local people!

    Seriously mate, look us up if you make it down here. I might wander out for a look during the day.
  15. Well im a def and riding a candy blue ZX6R so if you come down, come over and say hey. Looking at the weather forcast for the week ahead it could be a great day for it
  16. Hey chris what time does it start?
  17. well i won't be coming to this one I'm afraid. Mr Bee has cost me almost $800 last week, and i still gotta get him a new indicator lens before this weeks out (!!!) so I can't really spend another cent on him this month. Therefore, I'll be at the Feb track day instead I reckon.
  18. ill be heading out there about 930ish :)
  19. Gday guys,
    Was hopeing if you could shed some light on a few questions about Baskeville please.
    I was wondering if you just turn up on the day and pay or do would you reccomend to book in advance.
    Is there a servo near by for a fuel run, and do they have hoops for sale at the track, two friends and I are very keen to exp Baskeville on the Feb track day whilst scratching around Tassie for 2 weeks.
    Cheers Craf.
  20. No tyres for sale at the track. The servo is a 10 min ride from the track. The have very basic food from a caravan. Contact us closer to the event and I'm sure we can organise support for your day here. Fuel, food and whatever else you need in a ute. Tyres can be had on a weekday from Motoworks, Bikeworks or Horizon. Usually can get anything within 24 hours.