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[TAS] Aus Superbikes Symmons Plains, Sun May 20th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Aus Superbikes Symmons Plains

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  2. Nice and descriptive smack, haha
    Hopefully we get a nice dry day for this, will be a few keen for the ride up
  3. :LOL: :LOL:
    Smack is a man of few words granted...but sheesh!!

    I will drive up for this. Watch from the back of the Jeep, esky and nice food available on hand all day...noice! :grin:
  4. I dunno, May 20th, Aus Superbikes, Symmons Plains.

    What ya want a personalised invite?? More info then.

    The track is up near Lonnie, you can get there various routes. You can ride or drive. You can buy tickets at the gate. I may or may not decide to go to the supers or the trials. Some of the trials club are thinking of watching Saturdays practice and camping nearby, then riding trials on Sunday. :LOL:
  5. If you want more info go to the Aus superbikes website.

    This is part of their info:

    "The fifth instalment of the 2007 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship will be held at Tasmania’s Symmons Plains circuit from 18-20 May 2007, featuring Australia’s best motorcycle riders racing across 7 competitive classes including the headline Superbike and Supersport fields. The series makes its second visit to Tasmania since 1999, and the Symmons Plains circuit since 1994.

    WHEN: Friday 18 – Sunday 20 May 2007
    WHERE: Symmons Plains Raceway
    Launceston, Tasmania.

    HOW: Circuit Details
    Length: Approx 2.4km
    Direction: Anti-Clockwise
    Fastest Point: Straight between kink on Turn 6 and Turn 7
    Slowest Point: Turn 4 hairpin

    Spectator Points: Best access adjacent to starting line and through turns 1, 2 and 3. There are a number of accessible viewing points along the front straight leading into the tight hairpin area at turn 4. Parking, merchandise and trade displays all within close proximity."
  6. Got room in that eski for a few more Goodies ;)
  7. No worries....and you are?
  8. Hmmm yeah. Seems a few of the new kids haven't introduced themselves. How rude :p

    darklightboy I've met, and I think I insulted the blue SV650 owner a month or three ago. (It's a bit of an in joke about SV650s) Probably seen a few others, but I'm crap with names and faces. I lent two of my bikes to some bloke I know in Hobart, only having to SMS him to find out his name for insewerance reasons. Buggered if I know where he lives :shock:
  9. Lol, that would be Frost I think... :p
  10. well there ya go, no need to insult him again.
  11. Oh come on Smack..it's not like you to start being nice to people now is it?? :LOL:
    Carry on!
  12. Hehe, yeah. The SV650 owner is Frost (Craig).

    Hopefully you will get to meet him and a few others (myself included) one of these tuesday nights. Myself im either working when its on or have to work very early the next day :(

    If not at joe's then im sure the weather will come good for us one weekend for a cruise (hoon) about our wonderful state :grin:

    Hell, if the weather is good and your going by Baskerville this Sunday then you'll find most of us there id say.
  13. Thats because I look so trustworthy. You can't repossess it if you don't know where it is. :roll:
  14. LOL ok this is to keep someone happy ZAC ...

    Yes moi did know about a certain photographer getting accreditation blah blah for this event the prick got me out of the shower to tell me :LOL:
    Did he also tell you who he bumped into & took back to the office ?
  15. Same weekend as the V8's at Winton here in Victoria as well.
  16. Well seeing as how the V8's aren't live on telly, may as well record them for later. Whats the bet there is a MotoGP or WSB round on poxtell that night.
  17. Well they are slightly delayed.

    T'was a comment for the Victorian members more than you guys in Tassie as not too many Vic's will be swimming down to Symmons for the bikes.

    By the way, more of the Winton bike round will be shown on Speedweek (SBS) on Sunday......
  18. And why not? SPOT is runnign half price fares. You could jump onboard Friday night and return on Sunday night fresh for work. Tis only an hours ride from the ferry.

    Return in a 4 bed room with bike is $185 each way. Even cheaper if you silly enough to use one of the seats.
  19. Well turns out I cant make it there after all. One of the girls at work is having that week off for some surgery, so im going to be needed to work. Cant even swing it to just get the Sunday off :cry:.

    Those that do go, hope you enjoy yourself and ill just have to start making plans for the MotoGP, try and get in first for the time off :grin:.
  20. Its on this Sunday peoples. Weather on Sunday should be OK. I'll be riding up early. First race is on at 10AM.

    I missed last years event so this will be my first ever Aus superbike event (if you don't count the support rounds at world SBK round at PI).

    So who else is going?