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[TAS] ANZAC Day Enjoy the freedom Ride, Tue Apr 25th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Iffracem, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. [TAS] ANZAC Day ride to enjoy the freedom

    ward_4e had a brilliant idea earlier today, probably why he didn't show for lunch, he had to have a lie down and let the pain go away :bolt:

    Any Taswegians, particularly those of the Southern Variety, who'd like to join in on an "Enjoy the Freedom" ride on ANZAC day are invited to discuss it here.

    Basically it's get up early and go to the Dawn Service at the Hobart Cemotaph to pay our respects to those wonderful people who fought to guarantee our current freedoms.

    Then off for a ride to celebrate that same freedom on a yet to be determined route (East coaster?, Bothwell/Poatina?, Tasman Peninsula?)

    Yes? :grin: No? :( Go pull your head in Iffracem? :shock:
  2. anzac day ride

    sounds good if i lived down south but there is only one good road in hobart and thats the one out of there LOL
  3. Hope you're not talkin about the Midlands boreway :shock: that's definately not a good road

    You stay up the northend then, closer to all those victorians :LOL:
    I mean, the only traffic in Devonport is people getting on or off the boat on their way to or from somewhere else :p

    I'll be up that way next weekend, visiting a friend.

  4. Unless it's a full out storm, ward_4e and I will be at the Dawn service, Hobart Cemotaph, on ANZAC day.. time DUUH DAWN!!!

    After the service I'm thinking a nice run up to Swansea to sample some coffee and lemon tart from "Left Bank" coffee shop.

    Then across the Lake Leake Rd to Cambletown, quick stop to fill up the bikes and decide on a route home.

  5. aahhh equil blame... oops I mean responsibility... I can hear it now!

    *yawn* "so who dumb idea was this? I cant see my had in front of my face!"
    *yawn* "the new guy."
    *shuder* "who?"
    *glare* "him! the trumpy rider."
    *twitch* "... so why dawn?"
    *sigh* "tradition. "
    *glare* "get him...."

    and so on and so on etc etc.. untill I get blamed + thumped for for dragging you guy's out of bed....

    There should be a blanket ban or a leaflet hannded to people when they do their learners telling you why not to use the midlands (omg please shoot me some redneck I'm so bored) highway.
  6. Yeah, Midlands Boreway is out, but skip across that and head past Poatina, past the lakes and thru Bothwell, then maybe Hamilton and home to Hobart that way is a very nice ride. :grin:

    From Cemotaph to My place at Snug is around 530k's

    Bugger the nay-sayers, if they're that grumpy getting up that early they wont be able to catch us as we nick off on the trumpy and cat, leaving them moaning in the dark! :cool:
  7. we sure are getting alot of hits with this ride... I can see a ghost town, three dead horses and some tumbelweeds with all this activity!...

    mmm distance would be fun but fuel economy may be a hastle... at best I get 180 to a tank less if I am spanking my bike.

    I may have to carry the trusty emergency 1L sig bottle of doom.
  8. Don't worry about the lack of response, it's a tassie thing I'm getting used to.

    Either they're all bleedin' hibernating, or just waiting to see how often this weird iffracem guy keeps trying to get some interest. Eventually they'll join in, or they plain miss out, suckers.

    Vani and Sher usually join in, but depends on if they have ankle biter duty or not, plus they ain't on the internet ATM

    Smack usually joins in, but he's working that day (suffer in ya jocks smack :cheeky: )

    I also get 2-6 non netrider locals tagging along if they can make it.
    Personally, I'm just as happy to do the ride solo, a ride is a ride after all.

    Bugger, that's the sort of range the Across got :-#

    I should get 300k's out of a tank on the cat, but never pushed it that far. No problem for fuel in Swansea or Cambletown. Poatina has fuel, but dunno if it'll be open on ANZAC day, dunno about Bothwell on a public holiday either.

  9. I can fix it and get a reliable 220-250 froma tank but I need to get Tuneboy, Data Logger / O2 sensor and some dyno time. Its all custom mapping required. Triumph maps are either retarded to hell or way to rich and or both....

  10. And that's why I like my carbies so much :grin: Sure they need balancing, but that's dead easy and free once you have the manometer (which I do)

    Red's can't help? Never used em myself, but I've heard some good comments, he's got a Dyno... but it'l cost ya... ya tightarse

  11. Its been bloody cold since I got back from Adelaide but I may have to drag myself out of bed for this one. May be one of the last long rides before winter really set in.
  12. I have to work, bike still not serviced.

    Bloody hell that old phart on the Guzzi could punt it along.

    Got the SR parts today. I spose I should try and get them too you, or ring, or SMS, or PM.
  13. Yep, ring SMS, email, PM, wotever, tomorrows no good, but Saturday should be OK.

    Hiya Techno, bout time you got back :wink:

    Sold that Across yet?

  14. Sat is no good, I only do am 11.5 hour shift at work. Might leave it a week, I mean whats the rush, weather is only going to get worse :p
  15. Added to Calendar by: Jim McCarthy

    Com eshow your respect for those that fought for the freedom we currently enjoy... be at the Dawn service, Hobart Cemotaph, on ANZAC day.. time DUUH DAWN!!!

    After the service I'm thinking a nice run up to Swansea to sample some coffee and lemon tart...

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  16. Morning people, I just rang the "oh god its monday" girl at the davey st RSL. DAWN SERVICE IS AT 6AM!

    where are we all going to link up... which carpark?