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Tarting up a GSX1400

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rogues, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Tarting up a Black biatch, from tits to toes.......

    bit of a renovation job I took on for a friend..........one hell of a clean-up job to start with just to get rid of some road grime and enviromental impact which isnt friendly to motorcycles..........
    Main jobs:
    repainting Calipers
    repainting Fork legs
    repainting bodywork
    powdercoating engine cases

    to clean up and refurbish front calipers including a repaint
    to sand off clearcoat and silvercoat on forks and paint black
    to tidy up & repaint the engine due to dulling paintwork
    to renovate two badly soiled/ tarnished polished rims
    to sand back and powdercoat scungy alloy cases
    to repair/ replace one cracked ducktail and repaint, incl grabhandle.

    put it all back together without any extra bits left over.... :p

    for those interested........ enjoy, and its actually fun :)

    for your info... [click] on the photos and they enlarge, then there is [go left] [go right] down the sides of the photos

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  2. Nice work, got another one for you to do if your ever in Melbourne 8-[
  3. Well, just about finished the project........... for anyone considering this sort of thing I can tell you it gives a sense of achievement when you look at the finished product, and have photos of what it looked like beforehand.

    I'm quite chuffed at the result, while being prepared to fall to my knees in front of experienced spraypainters.... its a bluddy science it is.... Ha.ha :p
  4. Well done mate.

    My 14 is looking pretty good for now... its my CX500 that needs help....
  5. Update: I dropped my 1400 at low speed - not looking so good now....

    Still rideable but !