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Tarra Valley

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pompy, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has done Grand Ridge/Tarra Valley/Traralgon Balook Rd from Traralgon Sth through to Yarrum?

    If so, what is the ride like, I see the road is quite narrow but appears to be sealed the entire length? So could be a nice ride for a bit of an adventure.

    Google Maps
  2. Yep, done it about a year ago.
    You can best describe it in two parts. The section from Traralgon South to Balook starts out sweeping and gets tighter and twistier as it gets toward the highest point. It's good riding and there are fabulous views up there. The southern half, from Balook through to the southern edge of the park, is INCREDIBLY tight and twisty, and EXTREMELY narrow, at least as far as the caravan park.
    It's a pretty amazing place to travel through with primeval ferns and rainforest around you, but you cannot go quickly. The road is too narrow and many of the corners are blind hairpins so you need to approach with a lot of care. It is fully sealed however.
    It opens out to farmland before Yarram.
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  3. Great thanks for that titustitus I had guessed that was the case, looks like I'll have to head down there!!!! Am I right in guessing logging trucks would use parts of it during the week?
  4. Haven't been there mid-week but there is a fair bit of logging going on as far as Balook so you would need to take precautions, After that you enter the National Park and I don't believe any log truck would be crazy enough to attempt that road. We did see a few 4WDs though, and it literally is one vehicle wide in places.
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  5. I do it at least a couple of times a year and Titus is right, the sweepers are nice, except lately there is a fine gravel across it in sections.

    the tight section is REALLY tight , and if you visit after rains it will be bark and mud covered.
    so pick a day without any previous rainy days if possible...

    Also , watch out for tourist drivers on weekends using the whole road.
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  6. Love the road from Callignee up Mt Tassie ... or down the other way ... or both, over and over again, it's great ;)

    Our ValvolineValvoline adventure last summer included the tight section as well - there are some fab photos on here somewhere, worth a visit!
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  7. Hey PompyPompy . The road through Mt Tassie is one of my all time favs. We were up there a few months back and for some reason they decided it needed work so it was a bit gravelly...still okay but not perfect. Seeing how long it is taking Reefton to seal up it is probably still the same but well worth a visit.
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  8. Some pics from June.

    1129.JPG 1128.JPG
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  9. Mt Tassie has just been added to the list.

    Yes; there is a list...
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  10. Thanks for the replies everyone, I've got the route mapped, but will wait for some drier weather, also is there a more interesting way back from the southern end between the Yarram area to the Leongatha area, as opposed to the Sth Gippy?
  11. Going north through Won wron and carrujung is nice riding ...
  12. This is my basic route at the moment
    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.29.05 PM.
  13. can you post link so i can zoom in properly ?
  14. Thanks stu_hstu_h hadn't thought of going north on the return leg, actually looks shorter too
  15. Not sure I can, you need an account, but it is free. My original google link looks stuffed now.......
  16. Tara Valley

    Looks like you do need an account to see the route.......
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  17. You little beauty, PompyPompy

    I'll just about sell my soul to join you on this one.
  18. I'll make sure you are notified Mick, will probably wait till the days are a little longer and get an early start so we can have plenty of stops.
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  19. Probably like Grand Ridge too, that gravel on the new bitumen seems to want to stay there for ever!!!!
  20. I'd be really tempted too Pomy I'll make sure I bring my own cable ties this time :confused:
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