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Tarnished brass bits

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blackjacket, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I think my bike has been sitting in garages most of the time until it got to me. The paint and aluminium is all fine, but there are some brass bits that got pretty tarnished.

    1. The centre bit on the steering head. It was gold-coloured brass and heavily tarnished. I took to it with some Mothers metal polish, and it came up all nice and chrome-shiny. But one evening of drizzle and it looks like this. The gold colour is all gone.

    2. Brass coated plate underneath the ignition barrel. I tried reaching around and polishing it as well. You can see the gold colour wearing off.

    3. Rusty nut.. ick

    4. Tarnished bolts around clipons

    5. There's actually a bit of surface rust on the inner edges of the clipons.

    So, Questions:
    1. What do I do about the (formerly) brass bits? They lock crap! Have I damaged them with the polish?
    2. How do I un-tarnish those bolts in pic 4?
    3. How do I remove the surface rust on the clipon end, and keep it away?

  2. There is almost nothing made of real brass anymore on a motorbike.
    It is an expensive and soft metal. Probably those parts were a
    yellow-coated steel or aluminium... in any case, you can make them
    look nice by polishing them and then coating them with clear
    paint (topcoat), or by painting them with a good paint that will prevent
    If I have any bolts or pieces that corrode, usually they just get a dab of the old gloss black paint. Use a decent brand designed for cars/bikes.
    I have used killrust spray cans (acid etch epoxy primer then gloss overcoat) for large areas (it was a frame, and it worked and looked great and was very tough).