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Targetting.......... Motorcyles and Police

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Have a look at these two photos, taken in Western Vic. Seems that the police believe that "motorcycles" are a dangerous behaviour worthy of targetting.


    What is the message here? Labelling motorcycles as a "dangerous behaviour". Well someone has taken revenge with this one (the sign has been changed to read "Fat Police"):LOL: :LOL:

  2. Love it ! ! !

    There are a few areas around Vic targeting motorcyles. Saw a stack of the signs whilst driving from SA to VIC the other week.
  3. I used to drive down to the south-west of WA fairly regularly about 18 months ago.

    There was a bloke down there who was notorious for changing these signs. He was either a signwriter or had his overlays professionally done, because they were incredibly real.

    My favourite was:

    Police are now targeting

    Classic :rofl:
  4. my fav changed signs

    police now targeting "lebanese"

    police now targeting "donuts"

    police now trageting "spelling mistakes" :LOL:
  5. These signs are all over NSW, and the 'target' is changed regularly. It's not some government conspiracy against motorcyclists, it's actually a subtle (and I'm sure), very effective entrapment, because I'm certain some dopes think that because it says 'targetting drink drivers', and he doesn't, that he won't get booked for speeding! WRONG!!!
  6. My Favorite was the one on Wakehurst Parkway... Police are targetting.... Fat Chicks.
    BA HA
  7. Or how about in spray paint "sign thieves". I was chuckling for a good 1km after seeing that one.

    As for "motorcycles" I reckon that is a bit unsat. It should be "motorcycle speeding" or a particular act, rather a particular group of road users. This would be worthy of a formal complaint and it is probably something that would be changed - the sign that is, not the fact they will be after riders.
  8. Who cares what they're targeting if you're not breaking the law people? :roll:
  9. Because it's discrimination. It's like saying 'police are targeting nissan drivers' or 'police are targeting people wearing hats.'

    Breaking the law has nothing to do with riding a motorcycle. They should be targeting the crime not the medium.
  10. Police SHOULD target Nissan drivers, and people wearing hats :p :LOL:.
  11. why are they targeting motorcycles
    heres a reason .

    The sunny day 25 degree and above and the I only pull my bike out in summer riders come out this time of year
    November through too january-febuary
    there bikes sit in the garage all year , some unroadworthy , some unregistered , and some riders unliscensed get out on the roads after a nice break due to inclimate weather and then head to reefton , the spur , great ocean road and write themselves off or injury themselves severly .
    that goes on the motorcycle stats and gets used against us ALL YEAR ROUND riders in the long run , and gives them ammunition for increases in premiums for insurance , TAC and any other thing these bastards can think of to make life harder for riders.

    as much as i have a massive dislike ( and thats an understatment) for traffic cops i dont care if they target these people.
    Like i dont care if they target drink drivers .

    coppers especially in smaller towns and out lying areas know which bikes they see everyday and which they dont , so it takes the heat of the regular rider as well.

    discrimination my arse , its just another user group on the road .
  12. right........................

    Coz 'regular' riders never ride unregistered, unroadworthy or unlicenced do they?

    You make it sound like the more often you ride the more important you are or the more respect you command, what a crock. :roll:
  13. Regular riders do, but they are normally caught or picked up through out the year because they ride all year round.
    The riders who only pull there bikes out in summer , loose skills, roadcraft , in many cases the bikes battery is put back in and fired up and ridden , so the bike may not be quite up to scratch .
    Then they get up at reefton and so forth and go for it , forgetting that there skills and bike prowess has deminished because it sat in a garge all year.

    about 3-4 year ago the coppers came out and publically said they will target bikes over this period and they were the reason why.
    The said that summer drags out the unregistered, un liscesned and unroadworthy bikes and they want them off the road before they kill themselves. ( sure as bloody hell winter doesnt drag them out).
  14. My theory on this is really simple; If you don't break the law, you won't get caught..........

    That sign may have been in response to increased solo fatalities or serious accidents. Police run operations that target specific offences and specific vehicles on a regular basis.


  15. Totally agree. Well said.

    the 'Weekend Warriors' are the targets and that's a good thing IMHO
  16. Drove past one on NSW the other week where the sign said they were targetting "motorcycle speeding"

    How exactly are they going to do that? set up a speed trap and ignore all the cars speeding and just pull over bikes?
  17. I remember a while ago, somebody had ammended the "How fast are you going now?" sign by removing the "fast" and "now". Made me larf.
  18. :shock:
  19. They're "targeting" motorcycles because they've been identified as a high risk, and they're targeting them now because Summer has been identified as a high risk period. They also "target" bicycles, trucks, young drivers, old drivers and pedestrians at other times of the year - so I suppose they're all being "discriminated against" too :roll:.
  20. the lesson of allway proof read your posts just didnt sink in :grin: