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Target Fixation

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bangalla, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. #1 bangalla, Oct 26, 2007
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    Follow the road, not the person in front.

  2. Bugga. Looks like he could have used some emergency stop practice. The bike fell over way too early IMO...
  3. :?

    Or he could have just ridden around the corner.
  4. hmmm was it target fixation or not sure on what other guy was doing & trying not to run up his arse. Who over shot the corner & was stopping.
    Notice him putting his foot down?
  5. I was thinking that before too. Also, his mate pulled up infront of him without stacking, so the rider surely had the space to do that too.
  6. Locked brake...by the sound of it...I suspect the front, by the way the bike went down. Done everything wrong IMHO.
  7. overeacted and locked up the front wheel then tried to turn into the corner. A recipe for a slide
  8. IMO this isnt target fixation, its simply riding the rider infront of you and not the road.

    You can look at it in many different ways, but the way I see this is when you follow someone, dont follow what they do and watch them, they should only be in your peripheral vision.

    Lesson from this, its easier to do something then to avoid doing something. In this case turn the bike into the corner instead of trying to stop it. Most of the time steering the bike will get you around the corner
  9. WTF???????
  10. No need for me and Jeff to worry about that ..when we go TEC ,all the leaners throw them selves down the road infront of us and we don't follow.
  11. It happens to the best of us !


    : :grin:
  12. I think the front guy saw somthing or paniced so stopped on the road. The second guy didnt expect it so he paniced and locked up the front. It looked exactly like when I locked up the front of my bike but luckily I didnt go down...
  13. The road was too narrow for playing games like that. The road was pretty twisty anyway and they passed a sign warning of sharp(er) bends. Lead rider goes very close to 4WD. Did he intend that? I reckon the following rider didn't know the road and was only there to carry the camera. When his mate botched it, tried to stop and turn also made worse by double lines and road dropping away on the far side of the road crown.
  14. was actually posted early last year, and the conversation is going basically the same way :p
  15. what the.. he stacked so early
    i think he was bike watching :p
  16. Front runner blew the corner, stood it up, legs out and spearin' off :shock: across the wrong side of the road.........second rider did a bad job of following,,,, :? instead of riding his own lines.

    Either one of them could've met another oncoming 4wd :twisted: