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Target Fixation (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Damn...I thought the cam rider was going to miss...I guess I was wrong
  2. can anyone explain the technicalities as to what happened to the first rider who came off?

    was that a tank slapper?
  3. Looked like a high side to me. Rear wheel lost grip, the bike began tank slapping and then the rider got thrown off. That's what I can make out from watching the video.
  4. also was wondering is this a real case of target fixation or do you think the camera guy was trying to avoid the guy by going to the right but unfortunately collided?
  5. Yup... A very violent one....
  6. I suspect that the guy was on the brakes HARD.... when you do that, so much of the weight of the bike and rider are on the front wheel that you have real trouble trying to move it from the course it is on... This is one of the reasons why all books and trainers will always say "brake BEFORE the corner, accelerate THROUGH the corner"...

    It is a survival instinct to hit the brakes hard, and I am sure the camera guy is kicking himself for not just giving it some gas and going left... Ofcourse there is a chance he was also fixated by the target... or just so shocked that he didnt react properly...
  7. I reckon he saw him shagging his missus the night before saw his opportunity and gave it to him :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  8. Hi Guys, this is 50% true what you are saying here. When you are HARD on the brakes the bike will tend to go in a straight line. But if you watch guys like Rossi, he 'trail brakes' into most corners. Moto GP riders do this because as you brake, the forks compress so the front of the bike is now lower, increasing the bikes rake angle, make the bike steer FASTER, not slower. They keep the brakes on while they are turning the bike into the corner, and keep them on until the apex of the corner, and then the brakes are gently released and the throttle is applied. I leamed this from 'Sport Riding Techniques' by' Nick Ienatsch', it is a great technique for the street because if there is a suprise around the corner, breaking wont be a problem because you would already know how to trail break!. I dunno what book told you to brake before a corner but as Nick says in his book, breaking before a corner is fine as long as you know 100% how fast you want to exit the corner. Also, I think the rider with the cam had no where to go, he picked that area to exit the track and thats where the other poor bastards body went! By time he realised it was too late to do anything.

  9. I'd imagine a lot of the problem here was that the following rider forgot that a crashing rider will tend to go straight. He highsided toward the middle of corner, so he naturally went to the outside to pass, but the guy just kept sliding straight into his path. Something you'd have have to see on a video like this and make a conscious decision about before it happens. I'm sure my reflexes would have taken me along the same path were it not for seeing this and realising what really happens in that situation and making a conscious effort to change my reflexes into a conscious decision to turn in harder.
  10. Two crash videos on the same night, dazza, a bit sadistic, isn't it? :D
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