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Targa Tasmania.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. The next big event on the calendar is the Targa Tas. Yeah yeah, I know that they have two wheels too many, but it is still a race, sort of.
    Is anyone from here going?

  2. Bascially no, because they've shafted the south of the state and arent coming down, apart from the end at hobart.
  3. I read on another 4 wheel forum that the Hobart Council wouldn't allow them to run a stage down there as the start of the event.
  4. I have been a part of the electronic timing team for two years responsible for the starts of the stages and timing of the event but this year am unable to give up my time. Will still be watching the Hobart stages though!
  5. The organisers don't own the place, so they run where they can. A lot of locals whinge about it, so it moves a bit. The Bicheno locals canned it last year, hence no Bicheno bits this year.
  6. We're in luck, looks like there's one Hobart stage this year. Bloody ridiculous if you ask me. Hobart City Council whinging and complaining, saying that it "promotes hooning" and that it's against their "environmentally friendly" stance.


    F**k off.

    I'd like to see it, but as Dim said, with the whole thing up the north of the state, it's not worth it. It's only a few locals that don't like it too. I wouldn't call it a majority.
  7. There is some southern stuff. Bugger it, I'm coming anyway.
  8. I'd better brush up on my facts then. I'd only heard there was the one stage. Ah well, if there's more that makes it better!

    C'mon down Rog, even if there's no racing there's Tuesdays at Joe's :p
  9. Dunno about Joes, I am spannering for a Ferrari team, so I could be busy. Anyone in Tas got a workshop that I can use if I need it? I hate working on the side of the road.
  10. Really? there cant be many stages down south seeing at they have to do Strahan – Queenstown - Tarraleah- New Norfolk - Hobart in one day, which doesnt leave any time for stages south at all. So they might do grass tree hill, but what about classic stages like howden, nicholls rivulet, ridgeway park, etc? :?

    According to this site http://www.rallysportmag.com.au/home/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1736&Itemid=2 the south was dropped because..."Huon/Channel area sees growing safety issues for the event." BULL!!! I drive/ride the roads all the time, the surface in most cases is fine. Nicholls Rivulet has one of the best roads surfces in the state (having just done a trip around it). It seems to me that they are getting more drivers who are used to only racing on proper racetracks and cant adjust to a bit of gravel/bumps/slightly rough surface. :evil: :furious: :soapbox:
  11. By the looks of this, they're only in Hobart to finish. There's 6 stages between Strahan and Hobart, but I'm guessing they'll all be before New Norfolk (such as the bends out of Queenstown *drool*). Targa website (www.targatasmania.com.au) won't load on my work computer so I can't confirm exactly.

    Rog - Spannering for a Ferrari team, nice reason to get down here. Dunno about a worshop, Smack might know people.
  12. Lets hope I don't need one, but it would be best to be prepared.
  13. smack knows people. A reasonably equipped garage in Claremont.
  14. Thanks mate, where is Claremont? pm me your mobile, in case I need it. pm,ing mine now.
  15. Oh yeah, I should tell yez, we are car no. 508.
  16. I'll keep an eye out for it if I get to see the cars. Will you be about when they're on display at the Casino?
  17. Yep, I'll be there, if we get to the end, which we should.
  18. Have been told 508 has gone upside down at a million miles an hour.
    They are looking for parts for a 32 year old Ferrari in Launie. It is not steerable. Disappointing, but no one is hurt.
  19. It all ended sadly this year. Don't crash your car into an earthbank; even a soft one.
  20. Ouch, I feel your pain. Cars and earth walls dont mix, such a shame for such a nice car.

    Besides the car, the hardest part is seeing all your hardwork go down the drain in a matter of seconds.