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Targa over n out

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, May 1, 2009.

  1. *bollocks, hit new topic instead of reply, posting from me phone so I'll stick it in the right thread when I get to a PC, stick it in holding mods if this offends anyone's sense of symmetry*

    Dunno Stewy, our driver was giving us the mushroom treatment: keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit.

    Final report, the Ferrari dropped its guts today - suspected a dropped valve but a couple hours of rooting about has got us pretty convinced that the timing belt on the front cylinder has jumped a tooth or two, so at least it should be cheap.

    We were leading our class - although there was only two other cars in it - and middle of the pack in the category. We have now withdrawn from the event and roger and I will fly home in the morning.

    That's not neccesarily a bad thing, we've both had a gutful of the driver and to be honest life in the service team for this princess has been half boring and the other half insulting. Chalk it up to experience, he's one of life's characters.

    Now, bollocks to this car crap, they're plenty shiny but it's not my bag. I'm looking forward to getting home. I'll throw one leg over Chengaleng and the other over the Minja. :grin:
  2. i hope you're gentler with the bike than you will be with her!
  3. do i say it? do i say it?? dare i say it?? so tempting... fcuk it!


  4. Same car, driver as last year?

    Hey, life's supposed to be an experience and if it was all good, what fun would that be?
  5. I agree with Cejay...ya had a go, it didn't work out all that well but that's life. It's was experience and it will be a great dinner party story.
  6. Must be his playground diplomacy skills at work.


  7. Yeah, he needs a thorough Bashing. It came a bit too close.
  8. You're wrong about the car world, though. Find a bloke who built the thing himself from a pile of rust (like some used to do), for no other reason than to fling it around a corner, and you won't find a finer human being on the planet. and there's plenty of 'em.
    It's just these dollar racers that give everyone the squirts.
  9. The majority of people I've met on the Targa have fit your description there Wayne, they're passionate, resourceful and great people. We've just had a few issues in our team.

    All I'm saying is that at the end of the day, four wheels is too many for me to get excited about. It's nice to watch them getting belted through the corners, and hear the roar of a Lambo driven in anger, but if it's fun you're after, give me a bike anyday. I don't think a lot of these people realise that for a tenth the bucks they can have five times the jollies.

    Don't tell 'em, either, or everybody will want a motorbike. Let's keep this one under out hats. :grin:
  10. Different things suit different people, I suppose.

    It is good to be away from the tosser. I do have to meet the ferry, on Tuesday, as I have the Trailer. I will help him to load the Ferrari, then wave him goodbye, with my "bird" finger raised.