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Targa Adealide fatal.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. The Targa Adealide claimed another one today. Lancer Evo hit a tree and rolled over an embankment killing one and seriously injuring another. I believe it was a father daughter team and the father was driving and didnt survive.
    No details on where they were from yet.

  2. Was just reading about this, very sad.
  3. Very sad.

    TBH I can't see the various Targa events lasting much longer. Not in speed trial form anyway, in a country as risk averse as Australia.
  4. Sadly I think you may be right.

    I live on a road that is used in a lot of hills rallies, it is brilliant. But every year brings out the fun police complaining, it has got so bad that even if one resident doesn't want the road closed for two hours the event is in jeopardy.
  5. Surprised it's still on at all. Would love to do it one day.

    Pity about the crash. Like it is in the races I've marshalled for said in the disclaimer, motor sport is inherently dangerous. Still sad when something does happen.
  6. No neither can I unfortunately. I've done 4 of these and it's great fun doing the roads you've driven on all your life, using the whole road and knowing nothing is coming at you. The 2 main problems are, firstly a lot of the drivers are part timers who get the red mist and drive beyond their means and secondly, unlike the track, there are no margins for error, run offs etc. You can be doing 200 kph with trees a foot from your head.
    The driver in today's accident may not have been guilty of anything.of course, his luck may have just run out. Sad.
  7. Given that the highest profile fatality in such an event so far has been one P. Brock I suspect the bolded bit might be a bit sweeping.
  8. Possibly, but P Brock would be the exception rather than the rule in terms of experience in these events. I can only speak of the events that I have been involved in of course. If you look at an entry list you will generally find many who are what I refer to as part timers, people who drive in only a handful of events each year.
    There have been 3 fatalities in the Adelaide event, all would fall into that category I think it's safe to say.
    But it's motor sport and no one is immune
  9. Brock was too old
  10. A tragic event, but I would hate to see something like this mark the end of Targa events in Australia.

    Haven't checked the stats but I reckon horse riding would kill more people than motor racing in Australia, yet I can't see the Government imposing speed limits on horses anytime soon.
  11. When the last guys in the porsche died. I was spectating it rather then going to schoolies. (cars interested me more the booze)

    Lucky enough to choose some spectating spots where the people either side were ex-competitors or family members. And i was lucky enough to sit next to a guy who used to participate with the first car on the scene... The body was pushed two inches askew of the chasis with it bannana'd round the tree. The pics are not spread around out of respect. But it was an serious crash.

    That bieng said. Apparently the car was widely respected as one of the most well set-up. often used by others as a template. And the driver was not known to take risk. So they beleived that it was mecanical. Especially with where they crashed, and the evidence before hand. Not to mention how they ended up.

    But this is all heresay...

    One thing i remember was the marshalls in the rally school cars... Awesome to hear a backfire system on the road. Love the bang bang... A few corners away... Great sighn that the next wave of cars are coming
  12. Very tragic!!! :(
    But horse riders don't kill kittens, and can't be used as a source of revenue, so the car/bike riders will continue to be vilified. Every driver and navigator knows the risks, signs the forms, and spectators are protected. There's no real grounds to cancel it, but that doesn't mean they won't.