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Tara busted - Herald Sun Story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Tara busted


    MODEL and author Tara Moss has been nabbed for driving her sports car while it was unregistered.

    She was caught on Chapel St on November 1 during a random check of her registration by traffic police.

    Realising the registration had expired, they rapped on the window of her red Alfa Romeo and told the model she had incurred a $524 fine.

    Embarrassed Moss confessed this week it was true.

    "Oh, busted," she said.

    Ironically, Moss is to participate in this weekend's Great Victorian Bike Ride – sponsored by VicRoads.
  2. I'm sure some nice accomodating gentleman will fix that up for her....
  3. At least she did it in the cage. That only reflects poorly on 4 wheeled motorists. :D

    Bloody cagers, they get in the way, neber pay rego etc.....Ban em. :p
  4. I'm sure she can afford to accomodate for it herself.
  5. I suppose the moral of the story is 'not to let moss gather on your registration renewal' :)

  6. so very lame, hence why i laughed...... :oops:
  7. Poor Tara. When it came to filling out the form she probably got writers block because she couldn't figure out the relationship between the two main protagonists, was offended by the hyperbole in the 'penalties' chapter, and really thought that the ending could be improved.
  8. what a load of crap!!!!
    if tara had of been any other person ( average joe citizen, better make that mrs citizen) no one would have been none the wiser.
    The only reason it made the papers is because of who she is.

    so her rego expired , well theres a major crime that is going to use all the full resources of Victoria police.

    Only just goes to show that Tara is human just like everyone else.

    good on ya Tara for your first infrigement for making the paper , does that mean she gets a penility like she has to shout coffee one night :wink: :LOL:
    ( instead of the slab rule)
  9. It amazes me that you aren't running the Country Glen :p:p

    Of course it only made the paper because of who she is :roll:

    But you are right, shes human just like the rest of us.
  10. Dave got caught speeding about a month ago.
    I got caught speeding too.
    Oh and not to mention my parking fine.
    Who else has been caught speeding, riding/driving unregistered, parking illegally or gotten any other trivial fines recently? :roll:
  11. expired rego, she deserves what she gets! no humour from me regarless of whom it is.

    Flipper got done for speeding :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: didn't think they could radar down hill sections :p
  12. I wonder if she was caught by Mr Fraser Deb :LOL:

  13. Didnt you ride a sheilas bike???

    At least shes a female.......actually, now that I mention it........:D
  14. Dam that could easily have been me on friday if l had of been pulled over.

    I was at work when l realised my reg had rang out last wed...talk about stressed riding home from work..lol
  15. Driving unregistered vehicles is a big problem in Victoria.

    As an example what if an unregistered vehicle bowls over a pedestrian who pays for the medical costs?

    TAC wont want to know about it as the vehicle has no TAC Insurance due to it not being registered.

    Or an unregistered rider drops their bike all by themself, who pays? Again TAC wont care, no insurance!

    By the way, this in no way is picking on Tara just a statement of facts.

    I also notice that Tara is going to be in the Celebrity Race at the F1 GP next year.

    A helpful hint to Tara, don't do what one female celeb' did a couple of years ago and crashed and hurt herself at the corner I was working at or it could be me looking after you :shock:
  16. If Tara needed any incentive to "keep it on the island", she now has it!!

    And where's the Monday Funny, eh? It's 10:15 already :p
  17. no this is being anal!
    no one is debating the problem with un registered , un -insured vehicles.
    But is not **** , murder , drug pushing etc etc .

    take the post for what its worth and stop looking for something to make a point over.
  18. Did you really mean to include Glen in that remark about being human?
    :p :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Applogiges to tara in advance :)

    If I had a body half as good as Tara then feel free to include me in any quote :wink: :LOL:
  20. glen, if you had a body half as good as Tara's we'd have to call you glenda :D