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Tappit Clearance for GSF250V (Bandit) 2000 model

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Booki, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Gday blokes and girls, just wondering if anybody knows the tappit clearance's or better yet if anyone has a workshop manual for a 2000 GSF250V Bandit.

    You can hear the tappits are a bit loose because of a little knocking noise it makes at idle, id like to tighten these before it becomes a problem/they wear out.

    Is the engine the same as a GSX250F? Because they sure look similar and i have no problems in finding a workshop manual for that, infact im looking at one right now but if the clearance's are going to off, thats definatley NOT a good thing.

    Any advice/tips/comments/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and Happy Easter to all Netrider's!!
  2. Also. I have no idea if these are adjustable, or if i need to replace shims of some sort. If someone knows that would be great!! As well as if i need any new gaskets/o-rings while the heads off!
  3. All the usual places for workshop manuals are coming up empty...

    Have you checked the clearances yet? This type of valve train generally tighten clearances as they wear, rather than get looser (because the valve seats wear, allowing the valve to protrude further into the head and bringing it closer to the camshaft). They will be shim under bucket adjustment. You shouldn't need to take the head off, but to change shims you will need to take the cams out. Once you have the shims that are out of spec in your hand you can measure them and simply order the sizes you need to bring it back into spec.

    The following links are to a 1995 version of your bike, but not the "V" model. They are however the water cooled version which may be similar to yours.



    This a link to a GSF400 service manual


    This is a link to a possibly related thread from last year.... Apparently the manuals are only available in japanese. The last poster says he has some info on the bike


    Tricky one this, the "V" would seem to indicate variable inlet camshaft timing....

    As an after thought, perhaps you are hearing a cam chain rattle? Does the engine make any other noises that could be related? A loose cam chain can often be heard as the engine engine comes back down from a free rev, eg. in neutral rev the engine to 6000rpm then shut the throttle - if you hear a growling noise as the engine comes back down that might be a loose cam chain.

    After all that, you could try asking here.... http://www.banditforum.co.uk/forum/

    Good luck
  4. Havn't checked the clearence's yet, And i have the jpeg guide its the manual that comes with the bike (Got the official hardcopy). Its just a basic manual on how to use the bike and that sorta thing. Not really a workshop one. So no specs in regards to valves :(

    Hmmmm maybe if i contact suzuki directly do you think they could help me out?

    I don't think the clearence's would be the same as a 400 would they?
  5. Found this little topic with some clearance's...But its just off a poster, nothing set in stone.

    "redbaron told me that:
    bandit 250 1995 onwards:
    intake (non variable): 0.13mm - 0.018mm
    intake (variable): 0.10mm - 0.20mm
    exhaust : 0.20mm - 0.25mm"

    Source: http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/forums/archive/index.php/t-37527.html
  6. That sounds useful, and it fits with clearance ranges for most other suzukis.

    Aside from the variable valve timing bit, which as I understand it is an eccentric adjustment of the cam journals, to alter inlet timing above a certain rpm (10000??), the procedure should be the same as any shim under bucket watercooled suzuki motor.

    The variable cam will be in its normal position with the engine off and cold, so you should be able to discount it for the purposes of setting tappet clearances. Just make sure everything goes back in the way it came out....

    From what I've read the 250 and 400 are almost identical except for bore and stroke, so the 400 manual will probably give you crankshaft position and cam shaft positions to get you started.

    In the mean time have a look at this thread, it's on a gsxr750, but might help
  7. Alright im gonna have a good read over that 400 manual. I think i might take a video tomorrow of the noise and post it up. Maybe you could check it out if you hvae some time, just to be sure that it is the valves....No point opening it all up if she is all o-k!

    Then again even if they were ok....its probably good to check the clearance's anyway!