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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cakeman, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, i can hear a constant tapping from the engine, im assumeing this is something to do with valve clearances?

    Does this seem about right? Pinging???

    What are the negative effects of this?
  2. Could be many things. If in doubt, take it to a mechanic you trust to have a listen.
  3. could also be a host of engine problems to hard to diagnose in front of my pc go see a mechanic,

    negative effect could be detination
  4. I had the same thing on a 98 gpx250 - got the timing adjusted and it was all good.

    When my next service was due, on take off it started again. I filled up with Caltex98 Octane fuel by mistake one day and it went away. Every tank is now the same with the same result -

    No Tappety Tap Tap it in Happy anymore.

    Could be just my bike, and ever since everyone seems to be a fuel expert with opinions ranging from "good job on the fuel" to "your an idiot thats going to burn your valves" etc, so who knows.

    It might be worth mentioning that at the same time i remove the baflles from both pipes, so if the bike is tapping i would have no idea as it now sounds like a ride on lawnmower on steroids.
  5. Incorrect (too loose) valve settings will cause a general rattle.

    Incorrect timing can cause pinging. (So can fuel which is insufficient octane.) This will be more obvious when the engine is under load, for example under heavy acceleration, particularly if you open the throttle wide without changing down.

    But a heap of other things can cause noise too. Some of these could be fatal to the engine so best get it looked at by someone who knows.
  6. While idling when you can hear the ticking, pull the clutch in. If the ticking stops you've just found the problem...

    My CBR used to do the same, was just a wearing clutch...

    If you don't know the last times the valves were checked you should go get them looked at regardless.