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tapping noise when slowing down

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kyan, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. i realise that my description of this will probably be poorly insufficient but here goes..

    lately when i slow down i start hearing a tapping noise which seems to be in time with the rotation of the wheel possibly.... the slower i go, the slower the tapping. i can't tell where it comes from and it isn't that loud. i don't hear it on acceleration and only here it when slowing down.. anywhere below about 25kph. as soon as i engage the clutch the noise stops.

    i have rolled to a stop with clutch engaged and no noise, but normal slowing to the lights or whatever - it makes the sound every time

    any ideas?
  2. You've partly provided the diagnosis yourself; it's connected with the clutch.

    But I'd be looking at the chain adjustment, and whether it's got a tight spot; chains make different noises under acceleration than they do on deceleration, and it sounds to me that when the chain is not under load from the engine it's hitting on something....
  3. I'm with Hornet, check the chain....
  4. Another vote for Hornet's diagnosis from me, in case you needed any more convincing to check your chain tension!
  5. well sounds unanimous! i just checked the tension and it seems a bit loose. i'll tighten her up in the morning.

  6. Could also be the cam chain tensioner. Might need to be reset/adjusted...
  7. Nope
    cam chain slop would be noticeable on startup.
    Another test is on an empty road slow down and cut the engine, does it still make the "tapping" sound?

  8. Ummmm no, not necessarily. It's a faint sound, and could easily be an early indication. I've had that exact same problem/sound be caused by the cam chain....
  9. In this case it is not the cam chain.
    It is a loose chain.
    Cam chain slop is always there.
    Until the op does the engine cut to see if the noise disappears then we won't be able to tell.
  10. Smee I must apologise! You were totally right... As I said, I had experience the same sound and symptoms on my EL-250. I even had the bike serviced and the sound wasn't fixed. I actually posted up asking about it, and all the replies I got told me to check the cam chain tensioner. So I cleaned, lubed, and reset it and the sound seemed to be fixed (what I didn't consider was that I had also polished the bike, and lubed the chain at the same time). Anyway, the sound came back and was getting worse and worse, so yesterday I lubed and reset the tensioner again hoping for silence, but no dice. So I tried your suggestion 8-[ and upon checking the chain was a little loose. So I tightened, cleaned, and lubed it, and what do you know it 100% fixed the problem. No noise at all upon throttle roll off, or during overrun. So thanks for making me prove myself wrong :-s

    And here I was thinking you were trolling me lol.

  11. No problem :)
    Glad you worked it out.
    It's always best to eliminate all the obvious cases like what you did above.
    cheers :)