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Tapping noise on CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by e, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I've recently noticed a strange tapping noice on my CBR. It only happens when I pull the clutch in and apply the brakes. It gets louder as I pull the front brakes lever and feel it on the handle bar as well as the left side foot peg. Any ideas what this can be? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  2. oh and i forgot to mention. there is no noise on idle, no noise when reving on neutral. the knocking/tapping sound gets particularly loud when the harder i squeeze the front brake.
  3. time to get them brakes looked at dood!

    warped disc, buggered pads, stone caught in there, any number of things.
    if you dont know what it looked like before the tapping, chances are you wont notice the difference, so take it to the mechanic or a mechanical minded bike looker-atter :grin:

    if you have floating discs, maybe one of the connectory thingos is loose or buggered ?!?
  4. yeah I was thinking that but after closer inspection, i noticed the noice even before i apply the brakes is still there. I get a little louder when i apply it but the more pressure i put on it the more it disappears. can it be something to do with the chains/sprockets? not sure what about the steering head bearing?
  5. Yep sounds like knackered sprockets to me.

    If you're going to replace them, make sure to always get a new chain also.
  6. thanks cammo. is it something hard to do or can i do it myself? would i need any special equipment?
  7. To replace sprockets u just need a good qauilty rench and elbo grease. The problem with a cheap one is that it will give way and eat ur bolt, Since sprockets are always one super tight.

    But If its on b4 u aply the break it still may be a warped disc. PUt a jack undefr ur bike lift the front whell up(with ur mate keeping it balanced and spin the front wheel to see if the disc are good.