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Tapped by a car

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by grim assim, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Heya all,

    Just to get it off my chest, tonight while riding home on the daily commute a car was less than impressed by my traffic weaving and when I stopped in front of him decided to give me a little push, to "teach me a lesson" to use his words.

    I stopped the bike in peak hour and grabbed his license details (to his credit he didn't refuse) and took some snaps, I'm pretty sure he thinks that what he did was OK. I was pretty upset and just contained myself to being pissed, and dealing with it if there was any damage.

    While I haven't had a good look at the bike, the only thing I can see is the license plate being bent a little.

    Is it worth pushing this further?

    (my front camera video shows me stopped in centre lane before getting the tap)

  2. Check your bike for rear wheel damaged, missalignment
  3. For a start I'd take his details to police, that's at very least dangerous driving. Could even come under that newish NSW road rage legislation. A motor vehicle should not be used as a weapon.
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  4. Yes, I imagine he'd go straight to the police if you had taught him a lesson for "nudging" you with his car.
  5. That sucks. Glad nothing more sinister was the end result.

    I commute by pushie and have had similar "punishment" actions happen a few times over the years, even with front and rear HD camera footage of the entire things little interest is shown by the police. Whether or not this is due to Overwork, or prosecutions for such things never sticking, I would suggest reporting for the sale of it - But don't hold out any expectations of anything ever coming of it. Unless someone has died, or a car got a scratch, you are likely on your own.
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    He would more than likely say he misjudged his stopping distance, proving his intent to "nudge" you might be hard. I doubt the cops will be very interested but you can give it a go.
    I'm referring to the road rage comment here not the act of running into the back of you. No intent would need to be proven for him to be at fault in that.
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  7. The only "lesson" I may have learned from that exercise would be to carry something sharp to cut a couple of tyre valves when some self righteous moron tries to impose their narrow minded views on me.

    Sorry, rant over. But that really sucks!
  8. Getting an admission on tape would be a huge giggle.So I take it he actually said he had done it on purpose.Just stunning full blown dickheadedness .Seems I just invented a new word
  9. Similar whilst on bicycle. Down the cycle lane and up to the red light, take position in the dedicated green painted cycle forward area (VIC). Suddenly, a nudge from behind. I turn and see some tart and her bogan in a Getz waving and shouting like loons. I make the mistake of approaching Mr Bogan’s window to understand their fury. No amount of reasoning makes them care about the law, my safety as a squishable entity or any form of personable responsibility – their main concern is how I had “cut them up” - they weren’t even fecking moving! Worst still, not one of the other five plus cyclist lined-up nearby offered assistance, weak!

    No point reasoning or arguing. Next time, I’ll either throw myself across their bonnet and fain serious injury whilst thrashing about and scratching up their car bonnet. Or, worst “nudge them back” and make a hasty exit. However, the sensible approach is to protect oneself first and foremost – let the cops do the policing.
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