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Tapatalk HD?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Didn't want to start a new thread but searching for tapatalk from the iPad brings up any thread that has the tapatalk signature posted in it.

    So anyone got the HD version for their iPad?

    Just wondering if it's any better than normal tapatalk.

    $5 seems a bit steep considering that from my understanding it's the same as normal tapatalk but then again I want to get it mainly to support tapatalk since I use it a lot.

    Not a lot of money but thought I'll hear from people on their thoughts anyway.
  2. to be honest, on my iPad I don't use it at all; the old-fashioned browser interface is perfectly fine on the big screen....
  3. Same here just use safari or even icabmobile which can get rid of ads.
  4. Just installed Tapatalk HD for Android tablet........very impressive.....considering this is a beta release.......

    Highly recommend it
  5. Have you used the original tapatalk though, how does it compare...

    I completely forgot about this :)
  6. I got it for free on my Nexus tablet....it's not bad. I wouldn't pay for the app, regular tapatalk works fine.
  7. Screwed with the date of your post or your clock is out. 1970?

  8. Yes I've got the original tapatalk - the HD version is free (at least during BETA)

    I definitely prefer it for the tablet.........AND I absolutely prefer it to the new forum software of the main site.

    Not sure what happened with the date??? Posts look normal to me.......
  9. Just says 3 hours ago now. Before it had a 1970 date. May have been a glitch in the forum software too or how Tapatalk which I'm using interpreted the date.
  10. Am trying HD now on a Nexus 7. Takes a bit to get used to it but I quite like the way it displays posts.
  11. I like the photo section and how it brings up new images and videos.
  12. So I got it on the ipad yesterday. I don't really use tapatalk on the ipad much as I just find it easier to grab my phone then the ipad but decided to get it anyway. Some features I found to be good while others I prefer on the original tapatalk. At $6 I think it is too steep as the only real feature is the photo and video section (which is good, just not $6 good IMO).
  13. Wonder why Apple is charging and Google isn't. ... love Android :)
  14. HD for Android is only free while in beta. It will be paid when it goes to RTM but supposedly at a reduced cost if you have the beta installed. Not sure if they will have a cut-down version that is free but those usually are intended to try out the app and either like it enough to want to pay for a full version or are restricted enough that you really need to pay for a full version.
  15. been using tapatalk for some time on phone and tablet. will give hd version a try on ipad. report back soon.
  16. HD beta for Android is RTM now. 99 cents for today, I think, only.
    I like it. Much more used to it now.
  17. Got HD on my ipad (don't judge me, I thought I'd see if apple got any better. No!) and its great! Love it!

    Got a notification just now on my droid phone that HD is going v1.0 and download it! Hopefully works good on smaller screen.
  18. I'm using the HD version. Works fine on my nexus 7.
  19. Tapatalk 2 has just been released on iPhone. Introductory offer of $0.99.

    I had a 1 minute play of it this morning, seems to be just slightly differenti UI to normal tapatalk. One thing I was hoping it would have that it appears not to have is the gallery like in Tapatalk HD on iPad.

    It does have a timeline which could be useful I guess.

    It's ok, can't see it being used more than normal tapatalk, maybe because I am already used to the original tapatalk.
  20. If you have paid for tapatalk on the iPhone already, do you have to pay for the upgrade to tapatalk2?