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Announcement Tapatalk disabled

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Due to a security exploit at Tapatalk yesterday, whereby they were exploited and (at least) email addresses and unencrypted passwords for their support site were shipped off to external hackers in Sweden, I have taken the precautionary measure of immediately disabling Tapatalk functionality for Netrider.

    As more information comes to light and full disclosure of both the cause of the attack and the information available to hackers, I will review again to see if Tapatalk can be re-enabled.

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  2. Nothing to do with our netrider email addresses and passwords right?
    Cheers for the heads up.
  3. So, we shouldn't be able to use Tapatalk to access NR at all? Which should include not getting notifications...? Because I can still access NR via Tapa and see all relevant content.
  4. Plus one lol
  5. mee too
  6. Tapatalking here too.
  7. A good excuse to get rid of it, for better or worse. A bit sad for me though :(
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  8. Tut Tut Mr Tapatalk Passwords held in clear text, in this day and age. Sloppy.
  9. I don't believe so, just their own support site exploited by a wordpress plugin. Full information still coming through.
    To be fair, not stored. The exploit appears to have been a man-in-the-middle for tapatalk site logons capturing authentication details then and sending them to an external hackers server.
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  10. Tapatalk caches for a small period of time, so it will be cache that you are accessing.
    It should be disabled by now - is for me.
  11. If it was cached i wouldn't be able to take this screen shot.

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  12. Tapa tapa.
  13. Well, here we go then.
    At least the website mobile experience has improved since I last looked.
    Hope it all works out well for us.
  14. Hackers in Sweden?

    Maybe some of Daniel Ek's IT guys emulating their boss's entrepreneurial style during their lunch breaks.
  15. Its certainly disabled on my phone as of now.
  16. I can still see everything on my phone via Tapa. The only thing that has changed now is the lack of notifications alerting me to any updates. See the screenshot below.

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  17. I'm with LalaJ. ......
  18. Bye bye tapa
  19. I deleted it a while back, the damn thing was giving me the shi#$s with all it's notifications while I was trying to work.
  20. I wonder if the gimps who are now disabled are all of the Apple persuasion?

    Gimps.......too strong?